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Home Page Stories
Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mary Stewart offered the invocation.
Geoff thanked all who attended the CPY Spring Luncheon and noted that 120 people attended and donations so far are $17,000.  CPY provided delicious cupcakes for today’s meeting.
Dave Hoel reminded us that the Egg Hunt is almost upon us.  The prizes will be sorted and organized tonight and the egg stuffing will occur at the Exchange starting at 11:30AM on Sunday, March 25th.   The actual Egg Hunt will be at Driftwood Park on Saturday March 31st.  Many vehicles will be needed at 9:30 AM on the day of the hunt to pick up the eggs and prizes in the North parking garage below the CU Companies offices.  Everyone else should report to Driftwood Park by 10:30AM to set up for the Egg Hunt.  Please see Dave if you can help to put up the egg hunt signs around New Brighton.
Dennis Connolly noted that he is in the process of completing our club’s applications for the District Governor’s Awards.  Cindy Carlson added that the District is looking for judges for the award selection process.  See Gerry if you are interested in being a judge.
John R. broke his leg or hip recently and is still in the hospital.  He’ll be moving to a transitional care facility as soon as he is able.
It was also reported that Dana R. was scheduled for surgery today.
Mike Neeley returned today after a two month vacation in Florida.  Welcome back, Mike!
We also welcomed Mark Beisswenger back today, after a work related absence.  Mark celebrated his return by drawing his own number in the weekly raffle!
John Marg-Patton announced the prize winners for the first 4 weeks of the Gold Plate Dinner ticket sales contest.  The winners were:
   - Week 1 – Cindy Carlson – 6 pack of Bud Lite (dilly, dilly!),
   - Week 2 – Mike Neeley – Surly Furious beer,
   - Week 3 – Dana Rebelein – not present to claim her prize,
   - Week 4 – Mary Stewart - $10 gift certificate
Will you be next week’s winner?
Gerry Tietz represented our club in a recent episode of New Brighton Now.  The program will be shown at the following times on CTV channel 15:  Wednesday 3/14 at 9:30PM and Thursday at 12:30PM and 8:30PM.
Margaret Johnson introduced today’s speaker Bev Driscoll.  Bev is a long time Rotarian and Past President of the Stillwater Rotary Club.  Margaret and Bev were part of a delegation to our District’s Fast for Hope initiative in El Corazo, Nicaragua.  Bev was here to update us on the program.  Our Fast for Hope initiative is following the new protocol for “sustainable” poverty relief.  The new thinking is that extreme poverty can only be sustainably eliminated by engaging the local community in a self-driven process of long-term goal setting and action planning.  Rotary has learned that providing money and/or infrastructure will not result in a long-term reduction in poverty unless the community itself identifies the need and takes ownership of the action plan.  We have learned from our mistakes and false starts in Nicaragua but our patience is being rewarded with slow, but steady, progress.  El Corazo identified four goals: Improve literacy, improve access to medications and medical care, provide a local water supply and improve the seasonably impassable 3.5 mile road into the community.  Since the initiative began, the community has expanded its book supply from 2 to 521 books, established reading posts and trained “reading promoters”.  A physical library is planned.  A pharmacy program has been established, “health promoters” have been trained and a doctor is available in the community ½ day per week.  Water pipes have been laid for most of the length of the road and there is hope that homes may soon have ready access to clean water.  Because of the cost, improving the road is the most challenging goal but there is hope that progress will be made soon.
If you have interest in being part of a future delegation to El Corazo or just want more information, click here.  Bev and Margaret are shown below.
NBMV Rotary is pleased to announce that Michael Johnson was inducted into membership last week.  Michael is shown being inducted by President Gerry Tietz, below.
Today’s meeting was at the CPY Spring Luncheon.
CPY Board Chair, Brian White, opened the luncheon by reviewing the 21 year history of CPY.  Founded in 1997 to reduce juvenile crime by increasing adult supervision during out of school hours and summer months, CPY has since expanded its service to the community by providing a safety net for at risk youth as well as supporting and enhancing the Mounds View School District.  CPY alumni have returned to connect with and provide service to the community.  CPY’s current mission statement is: “To provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills”.
CPY executive Director, Mary Stewart, told the story of “Kayla”, a daughter of drug dealers who had become a bully and was failing her classes at school.  CPY provided the structure and encouragement to improve her grades and behavior, eventually making the honor roll in high school and enrolling in college.  Kayla is soon to graduate with a degree in math education.  Kayla is just one of many students who have benefitted from CPY programming.  Currently, CPY offers programming in the following areas:·
    -Basic Needs – CPY serve over 24,000 meals and snacks each year because students can’t learn if they are hungry.
    -Tutoring & Life Skills Mentoring - CPY offers youth programming in many areas, including: life skills, personal responsibility, goal setting, decision making, optimistic thinking and self-awareness.
Mary introduced CPY alumnus Sam Vang.  Sam joined CPY at age 8, about the same time his parents gave him a phone, a house key and responsibility for the care of his younger siblings.  Sam credits his time at CPY as a student, volunteer and eventually as an employee, with instilling him with the kindness, engagement, leadership skills and a sense of family that have paved the way to his graduation from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Psychology.  He plans to use his degree to help youth in a way similar to how he was helped by CPY.
Mary next introduced the featured speaker, the Gophers’ all time leading rusher, and Green Bay Packers first round draft pick, Darrell Thompson.  Darrell is the President of Bolder Options, an organization committed to healthy youth development.  Bolder Options shares many of CPY’s youth development goals, but focuses on one-on-one mentorship with a significant physical fitness component.  Darrell outlined Bolder Options’ four pronged approach:
    -Physical Activities       
    -Goal Setting
For more information about Bolder Options, click here.
Brian White returned to the podium to explain that 80% of CPY’s budget is employment costs, and that salaries have risen 20% in recent years in order to attract and retain quality educators.  In response to this situation, Brian announced the Board’s new goal of 200 donors willing to sign up for auto-pay at $20/month.  Achieving this goal would allow CPY to remain competitive in our tight labor market.  Brian thanked all those in attendance for their continuing support of CPY.  For more information about CPY, or to donate if you missed the program today, click here.
Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge and an Invocation.
Garry Johnson introduced his guest, former Vadnais Heights Rotarian, Jeff Niesen.  Jeff is with Lake Community Bank.
President Gerry Tietz inducted our newest member, Mounds View City Administrator Nyle Zikmund.  See photo above.
Jason Miller had the honor of presenting two Paul Harris Fellow awards today.  Margaret Johnson received her Paul Harris Fellow+1 and Cindy Carlson received her Paul Harris Fellow+5.  Margaret and Cindy are pictured above.
Happy Bucks Highlights
- Mary Stewart has returned from her family vacation in Arizona.
- Jim O’Brien has a new great-grandson.
- Nicole Ulrich took the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, her team raising over $1,300.
Beverly Aplikowski reported that 59 tickets have been sold for the Gold Plate Dinner.  Let’s get out there and sell the remaining 41.  John Marg-Patton followed up with the drawing for this week’s GPD ticket sales contest.  Mike Neeley and Jason Miller had each sold three tickets this week and Mike Neeley was selected by lot to receive this week’s prize.  Since next week’s meeting is at the CPY Luncheon, we’ll report on the next two week’s winners at our March 13th meeting.  While you're out there selling tickets, think about restaurants you frequent that might be willing to donate a gift certificate for our "Dine Around Town" bundles to be auctioned off at the Gala.  An information brochure can be downloaded here.
Cindy Carlson updated us on the many District 5960 matching grants in process for our District.
Gerry noted that the District’s “Conference of Clubs” (formerly the District Assembly) will be held on April 19-20 at Mystic Lake Conference Center.  This conference is a great way to learn more about the many ways that Rotary is a force for good in the world.  Get more details here.
Gerry Tietz was proud to introduce his son, Nick Tietz and former Minneapolis Police Chief Janae Harteau to talk about Vitals Aware Services, a new service providing police officers real-time information that may help them approach and calm vulnerable individuals with physical or mental health issues and help prevent overreaction or escalation by police officers.  Nick is the Director of Technology for the company and Janae is the Public Safety Officer.  Nick reviewed some mental health statistics, revealing that 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health crisis during their lifetime and that 1 in 10 police response calls involve someone in mental health crisis!  Janae explained that police officers are generally well trained to respond to typical situations but each mental health crisis is as unique as the individual who experiences it.  This argues strongly for an individualized police response to each situation.  Vitals Aware Services provides information about vulnerable individuals’ mental health status, including emotional triggers, calming methods and other information to prevent escalation or defuse an already escalated situation.  With an estimated 100 Million vulnerable adults in the U.S. and 1.3 million in Minnesota, it would seem that there is a great need for this kind of service.  The rollout of this service is going very well with subscribers in seventeen communities and five police departments on board so far. 
Here’s how it works.  A family provides a detailed personalized profile of the vulnerable person.  This profile is keyed to a “beacon” which is worn or carried.  When this beacon carrying person is within 80 feet of a police officer with a software enabled cell phone, the phone will alert the officer of the presence of the vulnerable individual.  While the individual is within the 80 foot range, the officer has access to the entire profile provided by the family.  All personal data is encrypted for privacy and only police officers can access the profile.  This service is available for just $9.95/month, a small price to pay for the peace of mind it offers.  Nick, Janae and proud poppa Gerry are shown below.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered an Invocation.


Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the CPY Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, March 6th at the New Brighton Community Center.  This meeting serves as the Rotary noon meeting for that week.  The keynote speaker will be former Gopher football star, Darrell Thompson.  Darrell is the founder of Boulder Options, an organization focused on healthy youth development.  Check-in begins at 11:30 and the program will run until 1:00.  Please sign up at next week’s meeting or let Geoff know if you will be there.


Service Projects Director, Jason Slama, was inadvertently overlooked at our recent club assembly so he took a few moments to supplement the reports offered by his committee chairs.  He noted that we serve our community in a great variety of ways and highlighted upcoming efforts like our scholarships, 4th Grade Foresters and Camp RYLA.  Jason is looking for an organized individual to track our service initiatives so we can report them to the district for the District Governor’s Award Program.  Contact Jason if you might be interested in this task.


The Gold Plate Dinner is fast approaching (April 13) and everyone is asked to do their part by inviting friends and business associates to the Gala.  To help motivate ticket sales, weekly and overall ticket sales contests have been established.  Expect to hear from your sales team captain soon.


Paul Fournier was happy to announce that he sold his vintage (1929) fire engine to a buyer in North Carolina who already had an identical fire engine.


Cindy Carlson forwarded  a message from Pamela Wolf Sladek at Life Prep Academy which said that they will be taking in homeless teens by the end of February.  You are all invited to attend the Dorm Opening Celebration open house on Friday, February 23 between Noon and 8PM.  Life Prep Academy is located at 1628 County Highway 10, in Spring Lake Park.


Our Speaker today was New Brighton Public Safety Director Tony Paetznik.  Since Tony had presented to the club recently, he decided to talk about what’s been going on at Public Safety so far in 2018.  He reported that it’s been a busy seven weeks. 

    -The police department recorded their first drug overdose save using the anti-narcotic medication, Narcan.

    -The department is participating in a ten jurisdiction traffic stop data collection effort, gathering race, gender, personal search and vehicle search data to reveal if racial profiling is present in traffic stops.

    -The Coffee with a Cop partnership with area McDonalds restaurants is ongoing and very successful.

    -Nearly half of the N.B. Police force applied, and 8 were selected to assist the Minneapolis Police Department with security at the Superbowl.

    -A Community Chaplain program has been started.

    -The Public Safety Department celebrated the 18th anniversary of its creation.  The Public Safety Department was created by merging of the Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments.

    -The Fire Department hired seven new recruits to keep their numbers at about 40 paid-on-call volunteer firefighters.  Twelve police officers are cross-trained as firefighters and many municipal employees also serve as firefighters.

    -The Police Department is helping New Brighton schools consider safety and security issues as the schools plan facility updates.

    -Small property crimes are increasing in New Brighton, as they are everywhere, but these crimes of opportunity could be greatly reduced by locking cars and keeping possessions out of sight in your cars.  Tony noted that we are still extremely safe in New Brighton.

    -Juvenile arrests have dropped dramatically from 312 in 1999 to just 27 in 2017.  Early intervention by police and public private partnerships like CPY has been instrumental in the decrease.

Tony and Gerry are shown below.

Jim Kadechka opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation.
Our guests today were Roseville Rotarian, Marv Sorvala; Mounds View City Administrator and prospective member, Nyle Zikmund;  and API executives and prospective members, Kimberly Peterson and Michael Johnson.  Welcome, all!
2018/2019 Club Co-President Elects, John Marg Patton and Cindy Carlson, reported on their President Elect Training Orientation this past weekend.  John and Cindy are prepared to enhance the already amazing service efforts of our great club.
Cindy Carlson noted that the Gold Plate Dinner is just two months away.  The gala will be held at the Roseville Radisson on April 13th, so we should all be selling tickets now.  See Beverly for ticket sales brochures or extra tickets.  Cindy also reminded us that we have a GPD sponsorship goal of $10,000.  If you, or someone you know, might be interested in sponsoring the event, see Cindy for more details.
Some highlights from the Happy Dollars are:
     -Cindy Carlson just returned from a Bahamas vacation.
     -Nile Sigmund has become a grandpa for the first time.
     -John Risdall’s oldest daughter is pregnant.
     -Ed James just returned from a trip to Glasgow, Scotland.
     -John Marg-Patton has returned from Australia and Tasmania, where he visited his daughter.
MaryAnn Bawden announced that her congregation at Country Roads Church will be hosting a concert by The Alaska String Band on February 22nd at 7 PM.  The FREE concert will be held at the church, 25346 Apollo St NE, Stacy, MN. Come and join in the fun!  See MaryAnn for more details.
Cindy Carlson shared an email from the District Literacy Team, seeking additional members for the team.  The team’s mission is to determine best practices for clubs working on literacy projects.  If you would like to be a part of the team, which meets once every two months, contact the district office.
Michelle Caron has arranged a  sign making event which is scheduled for March 5th at the Exchange.  This is social event for New Brighton Mounds View Rotarians, family and friends. Pre-Registration is a must
Go to: and look for our event on March 5thYou must visit the website to choose your sign and pay.  The fee is $45 per person NOT including food and beverages.  This fee is for one large or two small signs.  Choose your sign(s) when registering.
Gerry Tietz introduced our speaker, Cindy Cook, Executive Director of The Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries.  RCLFriends “is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the libraries in making information, books, music, movies and educational programs available to the public.  Our mission is to strengthen, support and advocate for the Ramsey County Library system in order to enrich the lives of Library users, promote literacy and education and to foster community”.  Since its founding in 1979, the hundreds of “Friends” volunteers and donors have provided more than $3.5 million in donations, materials and improvements to the Ramsey County Libraries.  Funds are raised by used book sales, a 5K Fun Run/Kids Fun Run and an Annual Gala.  The Friends have a wide variety of programs to promote reading including, but not limited to:
     -K-5 Reading Friends Program
     -Summer Reading Program
     -Tech, Literacy and Adult Life Skills Program
     -Teen Programming
     -Children’s Programming
     -“Paws” to Read Program.
The previously mentioned annual Gala, titled “A Whale of a Tale”, will be held on February 24th, from 6:30-9:30PM at the Roseville Branch.  Click here to register or get more information.  Cindy and Gerry are shown below.

Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation. 


Our visitors today were Mary Stewart’s parents (visiting from Arizona) and North St. Paul/Maplewood Rotarian and Rotary District Board Member, Brian Buchmeyer.  Brian is in charge of medium sized clubs in the District and he was visiting to observe our club and answer questions and/or bring our comments back to the District.


Jason Miller presented Jeff Benson with his a Paul Harris Fellowship+7, signifying contributions to the Foundation totaling over $8,000.  See photo above.


Dana Rebelein is putting together information on club projects so we can apply to Rotary for club recognition awards.


Jason Slama participated in the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics MN.


The painting class/wine tasting event has been changed to a sign-making event.  Stay tuned for the date and other details.


Last week’s Club Assembly was continued today. 

-Membership:  Beverly deferred to Gerry for a discussion of recent membership development success which seems to be at least partly due to the momentum created by the addition of the breakfast meeting.  Jeff Benson noted that efforts are underway to coordinate Breakfast and Lunch club membership efforts and develop a new member orientation program to increase member retention.

-International Service:  Gerry read a written report from Cindy Carlson and Geoff Hollimon which outlined the projects we support, including: Polio Plus, Costa Rica project, Global Grants programs, Peruvian Project, Guatemala Literacy project, Remember Niger and Rancho Cubando, among others.

-Youth Service:  Jason Slama presented the Youth Service report for Ed James.  Youth Service projects include: CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, Quincy Tree House, Irondale Choir Support, Snack Pack program, Harvest Pack Event with Irondale, High School Scholarships, 4th Grade Foresters and the annual Egg Hunt.  Dennis Connolly reported that our club’s Homeless Youth Initiative will be building a relationship with Life Prep Academy.  Gerry reported that Chris Ledbeter will lead a Financial Literacy class for middle school students at CPY.  Michelle Caron will head up a “Beds for Kids” effort. 

-Vocational Service:  Mark Lampman reported on vocational service.  Among our many vocational service efforts are: Camp Enterprise, Camp RYLA, and Classification Talks.  We also promote vocational awareness with visits to local businesses like CTV North Suburbs and ReStore.  We hope to expand our vocational service reach by taking field trips to Land O’ Lakes and Life Prep Academy.

-Secretary:  MaryAnn Bawden reported that she is cleaning out the Rotary Cabinet.  It’s amazing how much junk accumulates in that cabinet!

-Treasurer:  John Ordway reported that Jason Miller recently prepared a review of club financial procedures and, as a result, we are instituting the following changes:  A second signer for checks, monthly cash disbursements journal, at least two cash counters at the Gold Plate Dinner or other events with cash receipts.  John also noted that he would appreciate some volunteers to handle meeting cash when he is out of town.

-President:  Gerry Tietz summarized the two-day club assembly by expressing his amazement at how many great things our club does each year, and thanked all who work so hard to make it all happen.

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.


President Gerry Tietz announced that Twin Cities Rotaract President, Chelsea Holub, will speak to the Breakfast Club on February 1st.  Also, it looks like Mounds View City Administrator, Nyle Zikmund, will likely be joining the Breakfast club.  Lunch club members are encouraged to attend Breakfast meetings as a make-up, to support the breakfast club initiative, or just for the fun of it!  Join the fun on Thursday mornings at 7AM.


Gerry also announced that Reid Hewitt, administrator for Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck will be joining the club under the new corporate membership plan.  Nicole UIrich will be the Corporate Designee when Reid is unable to attend.  Welcome, Reid and Nicole!


Gerry further mentioned that we have two potential members from API as well.


Mark your calendars now for Monday, March 19th, 6-9PM, for a Rotary Wine and Painting Party.  Rotarians, spouses and guests are invited to embrace their artistic side by learning to paint.  Wine will be provided to reduce inhibitions and increase creativity.  Don’t miss it!


Mary Stewart announced that Cindy Carlson’s team was the winner of the first week of the Gold Plate Dinner Ticket sales contest.  Her team will be entered in the drawing for the big prize at the end of the contest.  Your team captain should be contacting you if they haven’t already done so.


Cindy Carlson brought a Pioneer Press article about this year’s Winter Carnival Queen of the Snows, Jilla Nadimi.  Jilla grew up in Mounds View and attended Irondale.


Today’s meeting was a club assembly. 

The first item of business was to amend our by-laws to reflect the addition of corporate membership. The proposed changes were approved unanimously by voice vote.

Club Service:  Bob Barmore reported on his committee’s efforts, including administering the monthly program committees, events and social activities.  Bob will work toward reporting his group’s efforts to RI for club recognition.

Breakfast Meetings:  Garry Johnson subbed for Michele Caron, saying that the breakfast club may be changing their schedule to alternating breakfast meetings and 5:01PM meetings to attract more potential members. Breakfast member Chris Ledbeter is working on a financial literacy program for youth which will likely get its start at CPY.

Foundation:  Jason Miller reported that the November-December Polio Plus effort brought in $1,900 or $900 more than the $1,000 which was budgeted.  Well done Rotarians!

Communications:  Mary Stewart has overseen a big increase in local media coverage in recent months.  The communications team has also been sending postcards to area businesses to generate interest in Rotary membership.  Future efforts will concentrate on directing prospects to our website for up-to-date information about the club.  Mary is also working on a strategy to report our service activities to Rotary International.

Due to time constraints, reports by Service Projects, Vocational Teams, Secretary, Treasurer and President were pushed back to next week’s meeting.  However, Cindy Carlson reported in advance for the Youth Service Subcommittee of the Service Projects Team by updating us on the Rotary Healthy Youth Foundation.  We will be using the Foundation as a conduit for youth oriented donations raised at the Gold Plate Dinner.

Tom Pastor opened the meeting with the Pledge of allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden presented the Invocation.
President Gerry Tietz announced that we are strengthening our relationship with Life Prep Academy by making the organization one of the options for Fund-A-Cause at the Gold Plate Dinner.
Ed James had to leave early but he left a packet of well-wishes for the hurricane victims in Houston from the Irondale students who helped with our recent Harvest Pack event.  Ed will be forwarding the cards and letters along with the Harvest Pack food packets to the Houston area as part of the relief effort for flood ravaged areas in Texas.   It was also noted that a connection has been made between Ralph Reeder Food Shelf and Harvest Pack, and that the food shelf will be able to use some of the food we packed as well.
The membership expressed their gratitude to Beverly Aplikowski for hosting our annual holiday at her home again this year.  Everyone had a great time.
Beverly noted that she has our Gold Plate Dinner tickets, and members present received their tickets.  If you missed today’s meeting, see Bev for your tickets.
Paul Fournier reminded us of the choir concert to support the Community Support Center which will be held on January 28th from 2-3PM at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 8211 Red Oak Drive, New Brighton.  Be there to show your support for the valuable work that CSC does in our community.
Paul also announced the 4th anniversary of his 21st birthday.  Wow!
Cindy Carlson announced that Life Prep Academy’s dormitory is nearly ready to house 16 homeless high school students.  Cindy passed the cup for donations today and will do so again next week.  L.P.A. students will have a variety of needs which you can check out by clicking here and scrolling down to the Dorm and School Needs List.
Jason Slama will be taking a Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics.  See Jason to sponsor him or click here to sponsor him online.  His team name is Slippy Longsocks.
Tom Pastor introduced our speakers, Sam Stoffels and Jeff Peltola, from Engineers Without Borders, Minnesota.  Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to provide planning, engineering and construction support for community driven development programs worldwide (think Doctors Without Borders for infrastructure).  Sam and Jeff are members of the Minnesota Professional Chapter of the EWB-USA, which was established in Denver, Colorado 18 years ago.  The organization has grown to 17,000 members in 280 chapters across the U.S.  Student chapters account for 72% of total membership, while Professional chapters have the remaining 28%.  The key to EWB’s approach is that the projects are community driven and also that EWB chapters must make a  5 year commitment to each project to ensure project success and sustainability.  They have assisted with projects in 42 countries so far and the most common projects are water projects.  The chapter’s current project is a water supply project in Santa Rosa Senca, El Salvador.  The Santa Rosa Senca has the somewhat unique problem of having too much water pressure in some of the water lines which causes frequent burst pipes and water supply outages.  EWB’s proposed solution is strategic placement of two adjustable pressure reduction valves in the system to reduce pressures and prevent future burst pipes.  These valves are expensive at $2,700 each, but much less expensive than the alternative which would involve building pressure reduction reservoirs along the supply lines. The implementation trip for installation of the valves is scheduled for mid April, 2018 and the group’s fundraising efforts have left them just $600 short of their $10,500 total financial need.  Sam Stoffels can be contacted at  The chapter website is  Tom, Sam and Jeff are shown below.
Tom Pastor opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jeff Benson provided the Invocation.
Our guests today were Tim Domke and Lori Pulkrabek from CTV North Suburbs.
Ed James thanked all those who participated in the Harvest Pack Event at Irondale last Wednesday.  The response from the Irondale student body was overwhelming, with some students turned away because of inadequate space.  Our club was well represented at the third and final packing session.  Overall, we packed 21,670 meals to be served locally at Life Prep Academy, CPY and Irondale as well as providing much needed food for victims of the hurricanes in Texas.  The Rotary contingent is shown below.
Paul Fournier announced a Choral Concert to benefit the Community Support Center on Sunday, January 28th from 2-3PM at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 8211 Red Oak Drive, New Brighton.  Be there to show your support for the valuable work that CSC does in our community.
Margaret Johnson reported on her experience at the District Mid-Term last weekend.  The focus was on membership growth and public relations and Margaret and Gerry attended from our club.  Watch your email in the next few days for a summary of the Mid-Term.  The next District meeting will be the Conference of Clubs at Mystic Lake Casino on April 19 &20.  Click here for more information.
Cindy Carlson distributed the rules for the Gold Plate Dinner ticket sales contest.  Click here for a scan of the rules.  Jim O’Brien noted that we’ll be once again having a Dine Around Town auction this year so start soliciting restaurant gift certificates now!
Cor Wilson was our speaker today, offering an update on CTV North Suburbs and the North Suburban Communications Commission.  CTV North Suburbs is a non-profit corporation formed by nine north suburban cities.  It was established to provide community programming and services for the member communities.  It administers community TV channels, providing both staff and volunteer programming.  It has a mobile production truck and portable video equipment for community events and provides video education and hands-on training for community members.  The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC) is a Joint Powers Agreement formed by nine north suburban communities to administer their cable franchises.  CTV and NSCC are primarily funded by a combination of franchise fees and Public Educational and Governmental (PEG) fees, but a decline in cable subscribers and other factors has resulted in a 40% budget reduction in 2018 as compared to 2017. 
Cor discussed three levels of programming provided by CTV North Suburbs: Public/Community, Educational and Government.  Public/Community programming includes programs of local interest such as North Suburban Beat, Disability Viewpoints and Adventures in Public Speaking. This programming amounts to about 50% of programming.  Educational programming includes High School and College sports, concerts and other events, and amounts to about 30% of programming.  Government Programming includes coverage of local events, parades and festivals as well as city meetings and contractual services for cities and schools.  This area of programming amounts to 20% of total programming.  Your bulletin editor apologizes for failing to get a photo of Cor for this publication.

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.


Jeff noted that we are the proud owners of a quality dual wireless microphone system that should eliminate many of the problems we had with the previous system.  Please bear with him as he tweaks the system.


President Gerry Tietz was lamenting his recent visit to an over-zealous barber that left him with precious little hair to protect his head from our brutally cold weather.  In response, John Marg-Patton showed off his returning hair.


We have received thank you notes from our Camp Enterprise students, Brady Welch and Margaret Ann Thompson.


Ed James reminded us of the Harvest Pack Event on Wednesday Jan 10th, 4PM, in the Irondale cafeteria.  We hope to pack 21,800 meals with the help of the Irondale student body.  The Lions and Eagles aren’t able to participate in this event so it’s all hands on deck to make this goal a reality.  See you there.


This Friday at 6PM we’ll be gathering at Beverly Aplikowski’s home for our annual holiday party.  Remember to bring a white elephant if you want to participate in the gift exchange.  No food is needed.  Beverly’s address is 1443 Bussard Court, Arden Hills.


Cor Wilson announced that next week’s (Jan. 16th) meeting will be off-site at CTV North Suburbs.  Watch your email for sign up information.


Our January 30th club meeting will be a club assembly.  You should already have received an email from Gerry with Director and Committee Chair responsibilities for that meeting.


President Gerry proudly presented John Ordway with his Paul Harris Fellowship+4 (above), signifying contributions to the Rotary Foundation exceeding $5,000.  Way to go, John!


Ed James distributed a list of items needed by Life Prep Academy as they prepare to house 16 homeless high school students in their Spring Lake Park school.  Click here to go to the LPA website and scroll down to find the list of needs.


Mary Stewart announced, on Cindy Carlson’s behalf, that we have received photos of our sponsored Remember Niger students, Maman and Charifa (below).



John Marg-Patton said that you should have received an email with the Gold Plate Dinner brochure for the April 13th Gala.  Members have been organized into teams who will compete for sales supremacy and some awesome prizes.  Your team leader should be contacting you soon to plot your sales strategy.


Gerry Tietz announced that Ed James will be our Rotary Youth Exchange officer and Mark Lampman will serve as our Exchange Counselor.  New member Paul Jacobsen will apply to host an exchange student for the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  Great news!


Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Jason Hunt.  Prior to becoming a speaker and leadership trainer, Jason spent 15 years in education, teaching social studies, ESL and also serving as a principal in Owatonna.  He has a Masters in Leadership from the University of Minnesota and is certified by the John Maxwell Leadership Institute.  A year and a half ago he started Eye Squared Leadership Consulting, and leadership was the topic of today’s presentation.

Jason described the biggest gap in life “is the one between what we know and what we actually do”.  Minimizing this gap is the cornerstone of Jason’s leadership consulting business.  Leaders often bump up against what Jason describes as the “Leadership Lid”, which is essentially a cap on their leadership capacity.  Unfortunately, that leader’s organization is also capped by its leader’s limitations.  He also said that leaders aren’t leaders unless they have followers and that leadership has nothing to do with titles.  For Jason, leadership is about influencing others for a positive impact.  In order to master this influential style of leadership, he believes that the following five practices are essential:

     - Give people your time

     - Give people your “ears”

     - Give Praise (and recognition)

     - Give responsibility (trust)

     - Give confidence

In other words you have to “give up” in order to “go up”.  Check out Jason’s website here. Jason and Jeff are pictured below.


We presented the staff of the Exchange, pictured below, with a gift to thank them for the wonderful food and service this past year.

Dave Hoel opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation.
President Gerry Tietz welcomed everyone to the last lunch meeting of the year.  We were blessed by the presence of several spouses of Rotarians and also by visits from Marv Sorvala and Mary Jo McGuire.
John Marg-Patton announced the nomination of Cindy Carlson as his Co-President for the 2018-19 Rotary year.  The nomination was unanimously approved by the membership.
Cindy Carlson announced that our Harvest Pack food packing project, in conjunction with Irondale, the New Brighton Eagles and the New Brighton Lions, will be held at Irondale from 2-6 PM on January 10th.  Everyone should plan to attend for some or all of the event and be sure to invite family and friends to make the event a success.
The Twin Cities North Chamber will hold an event to benefit the Ralph Reeder and S.A.C.A. Food Shelves on Wednesday, December20th, from 3:15 to 5:00PM at Risdall Marketing Group, 2685 Long Lake Rd #100 in Roseville.  Click here to register.
Today’s program was the annual Irondale Choir concert and carol sing-along.  Led by Director Jason Etten and accompanied by Steve Firkus on keyboard, the choir presented some numbers from a recent concert and the Diva Dozen and the Guyz Group each performed a song.  The choir then led us in several carols.  Each choir member introduced themselves and clued us in on their future plans.  Our thanks to Jason, Steve and the choir for a wonderful performance and for once again renewing our faith in the next generation.  Check out the Irondale Choir website here.  On behalf of the club, Dave Hoel presented a $500 check to Jason (see below).
Dave Hoel (returning from a week long ski trip with no broken bones) opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mary Ann Bawden provided the invocation.
Our visitors today were: Brady Welch and Margaret Ann Thompson (our representatives at Camp Enterprise), John Laliberte from PeaceMakers MN and Nicole Ulrich, from Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck (Nicole has applied for membership in our club).
President Gerry Tietz invited our Camp Enterprise representatives to say a few words about their experience at the three-day camp, which is  jointly sponsored by District 5959 and 5960, and offers nearly 120 high school students the opportunity to participate in leadership activities focusing on the Free Enterprise System.
First up was Margaret Ann Thompson.  Margaret Ann is a senior at Irondale who hopes to pursue a career as a linguist or ambassador.  Margaret Ann learned a lot from the speakers, mentors and the group entrepreneurship activity.  Her business venture was a Digital Personal Training company and she served as its C.O.O.  Margaret Ann would like to return to the camp as a mentor in the future. She repeatedly thanked us for the opportunity which she would not otherwise be able to afford.
Next up was Brady Welch, also an Irondale senior.  Brady is looking at possible careers as an entrepreneur or as an actuary and hopes to study at Drake University.  Brady was impressed by the friendly attitude of everyone involved in the camp.  Brady’s business venture was a company that rented powered bicycles or Segways to millennials living in large U.S. cities.  Brady was the General Counsel for his business.  Brady also thanked us for the scholarship and our support for the program.  Find out more about Camp Enterprise by clicking here.  Margaret Ann and Brady are shown with Ed James, below.
Cindy introduced John Laliberte, from the anti-bullying group, PeaceMaker Minnesota.  John was present to announce PeaceMaker’s cribbage tournament fundraiser on April 29th, 5:30 PM at Adagio’s Pizza Factory in New Brighton.  For more information, click here. On behalf of the club, Cindy Carlson presented a $250 check to PeaceMaker (see below).
Beverly was able to join us today after a recent surgery.  Welcome back Beverly!
Our speaker today was new member Dennis Connolly.  Dennis was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but raised in Minnetonka, MN and attended Hopkins High School, graduating in 1969.  1976 was a landmark year for Dennis.  He married his wife of 41 years, Debbie, moved to New Brighton so he could join the Lake Johanna Fire Department, and the FDA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was amended to include Medical Devices (this would become important later in his life).  After taking a variety of college courses at the University of Minnesota while working many jobs to keep out of debt, he finally earned a BS from the College of Biological Sciences in 1979.  He worked at 3M for a while before deciding to attend medical school and got his MD in 1986.  As a Resident at North Memorial Hospital, working 120 hours a week for very low wages, Dennis decided to use his medical expertise to build a career in the corporate world.  He joined Medtronic to work in clinical evaluation and regulatory affairs until his retirement.  Like many of us, Dennis couldn’t stay retired and soon found himself back at Medtronic as a contractor working on regulatory affairs (FDA approval) in the Neuromodulation Division. Dennis talked about the extensive process for FDA approval of Class III medical devices.  Unlike some other countries, the U.S. requires “reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness based on scientific research” for premarket approval (PMA) of medical devices and even the slightest change in a medical device also must meet stringent approval guidelines.  The downside is that the total FDA fee for each of these approvals is over $600,000.  The implantable neuromodulation technologies that Dennis is currently working on involve deep brain electrical stimulation, targeted drug delivery systems, gastric stimulation systems, sacral nerve neuromodulation systems and spinal cord stimulation systems.  These systems are used to treat Parkinson’s, epilepsy, essential tremor, dystonia, O.C.D., and many other problems.  Dennis and Dave are pictured below.

Mark Lampman opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

President Gerry Tietz announced that Jason Slama has accepted the nomination as President-elect Nominee for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.  Jason’s nomination was confirmed by a unanimous voice vote of members present.  Congratulations, Jason!

Jason Miller had the pleasure of presenting Geoff Hollimon with his Paul Harris Fellowship + 4, signifying that Geoff has contributed over $5,000 to the Rotary Foundation! (photo below)


John Marg-Patton reminded us that the next Gold Plate Dinner Planning Meeting will be at 11 AM on December 12th at the Exchange.  All are welcome.


Cindy Carlson said that if her daughter Natalie hasn’t delivered by Friday, she will be induced, so Cindy should have a new grandson by next meeting.


The dreaded birthday hat was brought out of retirement to commemorate David Hoel’s 72nd birthday.  Dave is pictured below.


Our Assistant District Governor, Anoka Rotarian Sandy Campbell, had the honor of introducing our District Governor, third generation Rotarian, Kyle Haugen.  Kyle received his degree in political science from Hamline and is CFO of Haugen Agency, an insurance and financial planning firm.  Kyle played baseball for Hamline and remains an avid baseball fan.  Kyle was president of the Prior Lake Rotary Club in 2009-10.  He has the distinction of being the youngest District Governor in all of Rotary this year, and his energy and enthusiasm for Rotary were undoubtedly a factor in his selection at such a young age.  He and his wife, Carrie, have a 2 year old son named Cooper and another child due very soon (as if a District Governor’s life isn’t busy enough).


DG Kyle had very warm words about Rotary International President Ian Risely.  President Risely’s theme, “Rotary: Making a Difference”, resonates with Kyle because he feels that making a difference is the core value that draws us to, and keeps us involved in Rotary.  This feeling was crystallized for Kyle when he went to Haiti in 2010 to help in the earthquake relief effort.  He was struck by how the intelligent and capable people he helped might never reach their full potential because of their place of birth.  Kyle feels that Rotary can help the less fortunate to reach their potential.


DG Kyle commended our club for its many accomplishments but also challenged us to find ways to do more.  He suggested some avenues for service that align with President Risely’s “Making a Difference” theme:

     - Environmental responsibility: Plant a tree for each Rotarian.

     - Human Trafficking: Work with anti-trafficking organizations.

     - Tell the Rotary story:  Proudly tell others why Rotary is important to you.  This will lead to more Rotary members and more opportunities for service.

     - Work on member retention:  Rotary has 1.2 million members, but that membership has turned over completely in the last 7 years.  Rotary doesn’t have a new member problem; it has a member retention problem.

     - Create the best personal experience for your members: Make the club fit the needs of the members (i.e.  Breakfast meetings)

     - Get your family involved.

     - DG Kyle also emphasized the importance of the Rotary Foundation, saying that the Rotary Foundation is the only charity where you have a say in how your     contributions are spent.  He said that we must stay the course on polio eradication, taking advantage of the 2 for 1 match from the Gates Foundation until the scourge of Polio is wiped from the face of the earth forever.

     - The final way that Kyle suggested that Rotary “makes a difference” is the change that it makes in us, making us better because of our Rotary involvement.


DG Haugen and the NBMV Board of Directors are shown below.

Jason Slama opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.
Our guests today were: Don Craighead, former Roseville Rotarian and now E-Club member; Reed Hewitt, Executive Director at Innsbruck Care Center and Nicole Ulrich from the Innsbruck Foundation and the New Brighton Lions;  and Solomon Gustavo, a writer from Lillie Suburban News, was also visiting.
President Gerry Tietz reminded us that next week we will welcome our District Governor, Kyle Haugen.  DG Haugen will meet with the Board at 11AM and also speak to us at our noon meeting.  All Breakfast and Lunch Club members are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.
Cindy Carlson presented the idea that we designate Life Prep Academy as a “Fund a Cause” beneficiary for our upcoming Gold Plate Dinner.
President-Elect John Marg Patton announced that new member Dennis Connolly will be taking the reins of our Homeless Youth Initiative to free up Garry Johnson to have a more active role in the Membership Committee.
Jim Kadechka is the proud grandpa of Leah Amelia Peterson.  Leah is daughter Nikki’s second child and Jim’s third grandchild.  Congrats, Jim.
Jason Miller reminded us that the club is offering double Rotary Foundation points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December.  See John Ordway for details.
Jason Slama introduced or speaker, Karen Kotch, Executive Director of Help at Your Door.  The charitable organization, formerly known as Store to Door, provides an array of services to help keep seniors and people with disabilities in their homes.  Help at Your Door accomplishes this by providing grocery assistance, home support (like cleaning and minor repairs) and transportation services. Volunteers also provide companionship and emotional support with phone calls and visits.  One measure of their success is that they currently have seven clients over 100 years old who are still in their homes.  Services are provided on a sliding fee scale determined by ability to pay, and every client pays something, even if it’s not very much.  The organization serves over 15,000 people each year, so there are many opportunities for volunteers to participate in their mission.  Although most of their services are delivered in Ramsey and Hennepin counties, their service area is the seven county metro area.  They receive funding primarily from donations and Minnesota Medicaid’s Elderly Waiver program.  For more information about the organization, or to volunteer, check out the website here.  Karen and Jason are shown below.
Jason Slama opened the meeting with the Pledge and the invocation.
President Gerry Tietz noted that our District 5960 Governor, Kyle Haugen, will be making his official visit to our club on November 28th.   Let’s show our respect by having a big crowd for the meeting.  DG Haugen will meet with the board at 11AM before the club meeting.
Gerry also made a motion to authorize Jeff Benson to spend up to $600 for a quality dual microphone system (lapel and handheld) to provide better sound quality and more reliable AV performance.  The expenditure was authorized by a voice vote.
Because of proximity to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the December 26th and January 2nd noon club meetings will not be held.  Members are encouraged to attend the January 4th, 7AM meeting instead.  The December 28th AM meeting has also been cancelled but the December board meeting will be held at 3:45PM, December 28th.  Immediately after the board meeting, at 5PM, all members are invited to a social hour which will likely be at the Exchange.
Club Foundation Chair, Jason Miller, reported on our EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) award which was accepted by Jason on behalf of our club at the recent District Rotary Foundation Celebration. We were one of only 4 clubs in our 64 club District to receive the award, signifying that we averaged over $100 per member last year in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Great work NBMV Rotary!  Jason also noted that the “Plus” in Polio Plus refers to the communicable diseases other than Polio that are prevented as a part of our immunization program.  Remember that your contributions to Polio Plus in November and December earn double foundation points if you make John Ordway aware of the contribution.  Gerry and Jason are shown below with the award banners.
John Marg-Patton said that the first Gold Plate Dinner committee meeting was held just before lunch today, and plans are underway for the best GPD yet.  Our theme will be “Rotary: Making a Difference.”  The next meeting will be December 12th at 11AM.  All are welcome.
We raffled off a bottle of Risdall Ranch wine form John Risdall and 4 Gophers hockey tickets from Cindy Carlson/Western Bank.  Proceeds will go to our Rotary Foundation Polio Plus campaign.
Jason Slama introduced our speaker, Pam Wolf, from Life Prep Academy.  Life Prep Academy (LPA) is a school and residential program designed to meet the needs of homeless and/or high risk teens.  Pam was a teacher at Edgewood Middle school for many years before working at the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility, where she gained valuable experience working with at-risk youth.  She has been with LPA for three years, working to provide a stable living environment for at-risk and homeless high school aged students.  LPA’s first goal is to provide for a student’s basic needs (shelter, food, clothing and safety).  After basic needs are met, LPA provides academic support for graduation from high school and transition to college or career.  In addition to academic skills, LPA provides training to prepare students for employment applications and interviews and provides life skill training to improve student’s financial skills, home and auto maintenance skills, child care skills, etc.  Their comprehensive program directly addresses the root causes of homelessness by combining the aforementioned educational efforts with a dormitory style residence/school in Spring Lake Park.  The dormitory is on the second level of the school and it allows for greater control of the educational mission of the Academy.  LPA approaches its mission from a God-centered perspective, working to instill values like charity (students pay forward 10% of their required work program earnings) and volunteerism (students must volunteer 10 hours per quarter).  LPA receives no government funding, relying solely on individual, business and church donations to cover their operating costs of $10,000 per month.  All staff are unpaid volunteers, keeping costs as low as possible.  In addition to cash contributions, LPA needs furnishings like dressers and desks for the dorm rooms, which the students take with them when they graduate.  More information about Life Prep Academy can be found by clicking here.  Jason and Pam are pictured below.
Mark Lampman organized today’s offsite meeting at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore in New Brighton.
Mike Neeley announced that the Irondale Choir will present their annual Christmas Concert and Carol sing-along at our December 19th club meeting.  Note that this meeting will be held at Risdall Advertising.
Gerry Tietz noted that the December 26th and January 2nd meetings would occur on the day after the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  Those present decided that we will not meet on those days.  Members are instead encouraged to attend the breakfast meetings on December 28th and January 4th. The Board meeting previously scheduled for December 26th will be held following the Breakfast Meeting on December 28th.
Ed James talked about the Harvest Pack project being planned as a joint effort between our club, Irondale H.S., the Lions and the Eagles.  The food packing event will be held in January.  Ed said that the students are very excited about the project which will provide food for hurricane victims as well as local food shelves.  Stay tuned for more details.
John Marg-Patton reminded us that the initial planning session for the Gold Plate Dinner is next Tuesday, December 14th, 11AM at the Exchange.  The GPD will be on April 13th so mark your calendars now.
Dana Rebelein (above) is shown presenting our club's check for $486.50 to Sue Peake at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  The money was raised by simply passing a hat at our last three club meetings.  This contribution will allow the food shelf to buy $3892 worth of groceries.  You'll also note that Kevin Carlson (Cindy's husband) was present for the photo.
Dana also talked about this past weekend’s Foundation Celebration Event, held at the lovely Brackett’s Crossing Country Club in Lakeville.  Dana was joined by Jeff and Nancy Benson, Paul and Denise Jacobson and Jason and Renee Miller.  The keynote Speaker, Ed Futa, is the past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  Ed’s talk was very inspiring and entertaining.  New Brighton Rotary was honored as one of only four clubs to receive the EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Award which signifies that every Rotarian in the club has made a contribution to the Foundation.  Jason received the award on behalf of the club, below.
Today's program was an opportunity to meet three members of the management team for Habitat’s New Brighton ReStore: Senior Operations Manager Pete O’Keefe, Store Manager Jill Carmody and Donations Manager Robin Henrichsen.  Habitat for Humanity has always accepted donations of building materials for the homes they were building, but when donations of materials for Canadian home builds exceeded the need, the ReStore concept was born.  ReStores sell the excess material donations to help raise funds for their home builds. The first ReStore in the U.S. was in Austin, Texas in 1985 and the concept has grown rapidly.  There are now 800 ReStores, double the number in operation just 5 years ago.
The Twin Cities ReStores are located in New Brighton and Minneapolis.  With a paid staff of ten and a volunteer group of four thousand, the two stores take in 1.4 million dollars a year; which is enough to fund 6 additional home builds per year, adding to well over 1,000 homes built by the Twin Cities affiliate of Habitat.  In addition to providing much needed housing, ReStore also keeps building materials from entering our landfills.  Your tax deductible donations come with and itemized receipt and a coupon good for 20% off a future ReStore purchase.  Click here for more information about ReStore.
Bob Barmore did double duty with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation today.
Our Rotarian guests were Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala and NBMV Breakfast Club Rotarians Garry Johnson and Chris Ledbeter.  Sue Ager introduced Innsbruck’s new administrator, Reid Hewitt.  Sue also indicated that she will be terminating her membership as she retires.  We will miss you, Sue!
Our Noon meeting next week will be hosted by Mark Lampman at the Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore, 510 County Rd D West, New Brighton, MN 55112.  Here is a map.  Be sure to park in the back lot.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d with your Jimmy John’s lunch choice, call Mark Lampman ASAP.
The Irondale Choir is tentatively scheduled to join us at our December 19th noon meeting for their annual holiday concert and Christmas carol sing-along.  Whenever the concert is scheduled, it will be an off-site meeting at a location to be determined.
Dana Rebelein passed the hat for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf this week for the third and final week.  Week one contributions were $181 and week two garnered $89.  This week’s contribution was $216.50, which included $28.50 from Garry Johnson’s closet clearing inspired auction of two briefcases for $28.50.  The three week total was a whopping $486.50, which translates into $3892 of buying power for the clever shoppers at Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Well done, NBMV Rotary!!!
Jason Slama let us know that local dental offices and businesses will be “buying back” unused or excess Halloween candy, offering cash, coupons or other incentives to get the cavity producing and waistline expanding candy out of your home and into the hands of our Troops and Veterans through the Operation Shoebox program.  Click here to find a drop-off location or find out more about the program.
Mary Stewart thanked all who attended or contributed to the CPY Game Night Gala fundraiser.  Preliminary figures show $15,000 in donations with money still coming in.
Cor Wilson reminded us that we can view recorded “Candidates Speak Out” and “Candidate Forums” on the CTV North Suburbs Website Elections Page.  You can also watch live election coverage starting at 8:30PM on Election Day.
Dave Hoel reported that he has purchased 400 pounds of jelly beans in preparation for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
The club voted to amend the By-laws to reflect the addition of the Breakfast Club.
Because today was a 5th Tuesday, our program today was a Club Assembly.
·  Club Treasurer John Ordway reviewed club finances, noting that the club’s annual budget is $70,000, $30,000 of which is from the Gold Plate Dinner which nets $20,000 after expenses.  John also noted that although we attempt to have a balanced budget each year, lower than expected expenses over the last few years has permitted us to run deficit budgets for the last couple of years.  He also reported that the financial impact of the addition of the Breakfast Club is yet to be determined.
·  The Breakfast Club report was presented by new member Chris Ledbeter.  Chris said that attendance at the Breakfast Meeting has been 6-10 people and invitation postcard mailings are occurring each week to promote membership growth.  These invitations will be available at the check-in desk at noon and breakfast meetings to help you invite your friends and co-workers to join us.
·  MaryAnn Bawden updated us on her Secretarial duties.
·  Bob Barmore reported on Club Administration.  He noted that we will have a Holiday party in January and that you should check your email for details about a group trip to see Shen Yun at the Ordway on February 18th.
·  The Rotary Foundation report was presented by Jason Miller.  Jason reminded us that November is Foundation Month.  As in the past, contributions to the Polio Plus fund during November and December will earn matching Foundation points from the club.  Also, the proceeds from any items auctioned off in November will be donated to the Foundation.
·  Garry Johnson (Membership) reported that there are three new members as a result of the addition of the Breakfast Club.  He urged us all to invite visitors to the club and to let him know of any prospective members.
·  Communications/PR Director Mary Stewart is working on improving our visibility by getting articles published in the local papers.
·  Jason Slama, Service Projects Director, reported on various projects, including: The Food Shelf, Egg Hunt, Peace Makers, Financial Literacy Project, ReStore Visit, possible State Capitol Tour, Camp Enterprise, Harvest Pack project, and a Feed My Starving Children event for Quincy House.
·  Geoff Hollimon (subbing for Cindy Carlson) reported on our support for two Global Grants in Guatemala (Nutrition Education and Literacy).  Geoff also updated us on the major damage to seed crops at ECHO following hurricane Irma.  Fortunately the farm buildings are intact.
Wow!  It’s amazing what a group of 36 committed Rotarians can do to make their community and world a better place.

Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge and Nils Friberg offered the invocation.


Dana passed the hat for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Our cash contributions allow the Food Shelf to get $8 worth of food for each dollar contributed.  Last week we collected $181, allowing the food shelf to buy $1448 worth of groceries. We’ll pass the hat one more time next week.


President Gerry Tietz announced that the Board is working on updating the By-Laws to reflect the addition of the Breakfast meetings.  Gerry said that Michelle Caron has stepped up to be the champion of the development of the Breakfast Club.  Michelle said that the October 26th breakfast meeting will be held at Limu Coffee, in the same complex as the Exchange.


Gerry announced some additional membership categories to promote membership growth.  We have added a corporate membership and a household membership.  Stay tuned for more details.


Cindy Carlson said that the Board has approved a $500 contribution to a Rochester Rotary Global Grant which will total 95 thousand dollars.  Cindy said it was one of the best written grant proposals she has seen as a member of the district’s grant committee.  Cindy also updated us on Remember Niger, saying that they have not been directly affected by the violence in Niger.  Cindy further reminded us that there will be a Sponsor Appreciation Social for those of us who are sponsoring Remember Niger students.  The social is on Friday, November 3rd, 7-8:15 AM at Boutswells Landing, 5450 Nolan Parkway in Oak Park Heights (near Stillwater).  Cindy would love to have some other sponsors join her.


Geoff Hollimon thanked Mary Stewart for merging four contact lists to come up with a mailing list of 460 households to which we can send a postcard inviting civic minded people to visit either our morning or noon Rotary club meetings.


Mark Lampman has planned an off-site club meeting on November 7th.  He has arranged a tour of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore at 510 County Rd D West in New Brighton.  A sign-up sheet was passed around today and will be available next week if you missed it today.

Remember that we will once again be offering double Foundation Points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December of this year.  Points available for the match are limited, so get your contribution in soon.  Make your checks out to The Rotary Foundation (Memo: Polio Plus) and give them to John Ordway.  You may also contribute online, but be sure to notify John that you’ve made the donation to ensure that you get your matching points.  Ed James provided the Polio Plus photo below.


Cindy Carlson reminded us of the annual District 5960 Foundation Dinner on November 4th at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, 17976 Judicial Rd in Lakeville.  The fun starts at 5:30 and ends around 9:00.  The keynote speaker will be Ed Futa, past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  This event has always been fun and informative and we have always had a big contingent of NBMV Rotarians in attendance.  Let’s make this year the biggest showing yet!  The registration fee is waived for our club members and the cost for guests is $60. Register here for the event.


Cindy also noted that she and Ed James are interested in attending the Sunday matinee performance of Shen Yun on February 18th.  Let’s get a group together to take advantage of the group discount.


Jason Slama invited all who are interested to attend an organizational meeting for our Harvest Pack joint project with Irondale, NB Lions and NB Eagles.   The meeting is Wednesday, October 25, 6:30PM at the Mermaid.


Jim Kadechka passed out applications for Packers fans to join the Vikings fan base.  Gerry appeared fearful that he might burst into flames if he even touched the application.  Other Packer backers had similar reactions.


Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Bob Oehrig, executive director of Arrive Ministries. Arrive Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of refugees and immigrants.  Arrive works with local churches to welcome and serve displaced refugees who resettle in Minnesota. Bob described the situation in Syria as an example of the need for refugee resettlement.  The civil war in Syria has displaced over half of its population. Of Syria’s population of 26 million, 5 million have fled the country and 8 million are internally displaced within Syria.  Of the 5 million who left Syria, 5,000 have drowned while crossing the Mediterranean.  Syria is just one example of many refugee crises around the world.  Bob said “If you ask refugees where they would prefer to live, almost all say they would prefer to go back to their home country” but the reality is that it just is not possible for most refugees.  Bob said that the U.S. (citing the economic burden) has decreased its refugee quota from 85,000 to 45,000 under the Trump administration.  Bob countered that the ratio of refugees to total population in the U.S. is one of the lowest among developed nations at one refugee per 7,000 in population.  He noted that Minnesota has been much more welcoming to refugees than the U.S. average.  Bob admitted that it takes 6-7 years for refugees to be net contributors to the economy, but said that most refugees work very hard to become self-sufficient.  In closing Bob pointed to multiple biblical references about treating strangers and refugees with compassion as brothers and sisters.  Bob and Bob are pictured below.   

Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Dana Rebelein offered an invocation.
Dana noted that the Salvation Army Holiday Helper program needs volunteers to stock toys, answer phones, register families and enter data at their Operation Joy holiday phone bank in Roseville on November 20th and 21st.  You can sign up online at Operation Joy.
Dana also made us aware of opportunities to volunteer at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf during the holiday season.  If you would like to volunteer to help families shop for food at the food shelf, there are openings on November 2, 9, and 16 from 9:30-Noon.  Contact Sue Peake at 651-621-7447 or  We passed the hat today (and will in upcoming weeks as well) to collect money to help the Food Shelf buy food to meet their holiday needs.
Mark Lampman has planned an off-site meeting on November 7th.  He has arranged a tour of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore at 510 County Rd D West in New Brighton.  Stay tuned for more information and a sign-up sheet.
Foundation Director Jason Miller announced that we will once again be offering double Foundation Points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December of this year.  Points available for the match are limited, so get your contribution in soon.  Make your checks out to The Rotary Foundation (Memo: Polio Plus) and give them to John Ordway.  You may also contribute online, but be sure to notify John that you’ve made the donation to get matching points.
Jason also reminded us of the annual District 5960 Foundation Dinner on November 4th at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, 17976 Judicial Rd in Lakeville.  The fun starts at 5:30 and ends around 9:00.  The keynote speaker will be Ed Futa, past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  This event has always been fun and informative and we have always had a big contingent of NBMV Rotarians in attendance.  Let’s make this year the biggest showing yet!  The registration fee is waived for our club members and the cost for guests is $60. Register here for the event.
Mary Stewart reminded us of the CPY Game Night Fundraiser from 6:00-10:00PM on Friday October 27th at the New Brighton Community Center.  Join us for the fun while supporting all the great work that CPY does in our community.  See Mary Stewart or Geoff Hollimon if you haven’t received an invitation.
Ed James reported that Irondale students Margaret Thompson and Brady Welsh will represent us at Camp Enterprise this year.
Ed is also looking for some Rotarians to join him as he plans our Harvest Pack food packing project which will partner NBMV Rotary, NB Lions, NB Eagles and Irondale High School.  Please talk to Ed if you can help.
Cindy announced a change in schedule for the first planning meeting for our 2018 Gold Plate Dinner.  The new date is Tuesday, November 14th, 11AM, at the Exchange.  All those involved with the GPD planning and execution are urged to attend.
The October 26th AM club meeting will be held at another venue.  Stay tuned for details.
Sue Ager offered a happy buck because her “Innsbruck Angels” employee group was the top contributor to the Benedictine Foundation in the entire Benedictine Health System.
Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Pingping Yu.  Pingping is a native of Beijing, China and has been in the U.S. for 12 years.  Her day job is in the Consumer Insights division of General Mills, but she volunteers as a Chinese culture educator and was here today as a volunteer for Shen Yun, a revival of 5,000 years of Chinese culture through the universal language of dance and music.  To create some perspective, Pingping began with a summary of Chinese culture, briefly explaining Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and finishing with a bleak description of Communist-era China and the accompanying devastation of traditional culture and crackdown on spiritualism and independent thinking. Shen Yun, a non-profit group formed in New York eleven years ago, has produced a stunning combination of ancient music and dance that resurrects traditional Chinese culture.  As you might imagine, Shen Yun cannot be presented in Communist China, but we have the opportunity to experience it when it returns to the Ordway with an all new show, February 16-18, 2018.  Ticket information is available here.  Pingping and Bob are shown below.
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden offered the invocation.
President-Elect John Marg Patton was subbing for President Gerry.  John reported that a board position has been created to give the new morning Rotary meeting direct representation on the board.  John produced some paper ballots so that those who had not responded to the online voting option would have an opportunity to vote for the nominee for this position, Michelle Caron.
Cindy Carlson had three items of information to share with the club: 
- Many of you will remember Dr. Ann Frisch, who presented to this club about 3 years ago.  Dr Frisch has been awarded Rotary International’s “Champion of Peace” award for her work as an unarmed civilian peacekeeper in Thailand.
- The Community Support Center is collecting gently used winter clothing and new hats for its annual winter clothing drive.  You can drop off your donations at Christ the King Lutheran Church before October 20th.
- Rotarian Dr. Matthew Desmond, will be speaking to the Minnesota Housing Partnership about his Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Evicted, Poverty and Profit in the American City” at the Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center at Augsburg College Minneapolis.  Time and date: Saturday, October 21st, 7:00PM.  Click here to reserve you seats.
Ed James reminded us that Irondale is celebrating its 50th Anniversary at this Friday’s Homecoming game.  Dinner is at 5PM and the game is at 7PM.
The 2018 Gold Plate Dinner will be held on April 13th.  The first planning meeting will be on October 21st, time TBD.  You are all encouraged to share your ideas and your time to make this the best GPD ever.
President-Elect John introduced our new member, Dennis Connolly, a consultant at Medtronic.  Welcome to the club, Dennis!
Don’t forget that the CPY “Game Night” is on Friday, October 27th, 6-10PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  Please RSVP at or by calling 651-633-6464.
Sue Ager announced that she will be retiring November 6th.  She’s hoping to introduce her successor to Rotary at a future meeting.
Bob Bamore introduced today's speaker, Dr. Tom Pastor, presenting his new member classification talk.  Tom is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia and still has family there.  Tom’s first career was in theater, at first working on set design and eventually theater management.  He credits his theater experience with breaking him out of his shy, introverted shell and giving him the confidence to pursue a career in health care.  After experiencing successful chiropractic treatment for a chronic shoulder injury, Tom decided that a career in chiropractic would give him the opportunity to have a direct beneficial impact on people’s lives.  He attended Northwestern Health Sciences right here in the Twin Cities and by graduation had decided that he actually liked Minnesota weather.  He had decided to specialize in neurological conditions and was fortunate to begin his career by sharing space with a renowned Neurological Chiropractic specialist right here in New Brighton.  Tom explained how a variety of neurological conditions from Parkinson’s disease to autism can be helped by eliminating musculoskeletal stress via chiropractic care.  Tom and Bob are shown below.
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