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John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Cindy Carlson introduced her guest, R.J Rud, who is studying accounting and finance at the University of Wisconsin and interning at Western Bank this summer.
Rotarian Frank Mabley was visiting to promote Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary’s “Taste of the Hops” fundraiser on Friday August 18th from 5:30PM – 8:30PM.  Join in the fun at Snail Lake Park, 4191 Snail Lake Blvd. in Shoreview.
MaryAnn Bawden introduced Rotarian Mary Kurth, Past-President of the Bloomington Noon Rotary Club and Rotarian extraordinaire.  Mary is also the president and chair of “Cargill Cares”, a non-profit group that supports the efforts of Feed My Starving Children, which just so happened to be the topic of today’s program.
John Marg-Patton introduced his sister and Arizona resident, Louise.  Louise is here to join John for the Twins-Diamondbacks baseball series this week.
Gerry Tietz reminded us of the Rotary Party hosted by John and Marla Ordway on Saturday, August 26, starting at 2PM.  Burgers and hot dogs will be provided but you are welcome to bring salads, appetizers or desserts.  Watch your email for an electronic invitation.
NBMV Rotary volunteers were everywhere at the Stockyard Days Celebration last week, most notably at the Parade Hot Dog Feed and the CPY Kiddie Korral.  Jim Kadechka presented Dave Hoel with a “Most Likely to Become a Wal-Mart Greeter” certificate for his tireless efforts to remind parade participants that the Rotary Club provided the hot dogs, chips and drinks at the end of the parade.  Jason Slama was also singled out for his non-stop volunteer presence at the CPY Kiddie Korral.
As if on cue, Mary Stewart and a group of CPY kids showed up to thank Rotary, and particularly those individuals who volunteered at the Kiddie Korral, for our support for CPY.  The kids rolled out a huge “Thank You Rotary” banner and distributed treats and other gifts in appreciation of our support.  See photo below.
If you will recall last week’s meeting; Mary Ann Bawden warily accepted a giant zucchini which had been raffled off.  It appeared that there may have been an expectation among the bidders that MaryAnn might produce something tasty from the zaftig zucchini.  MaryAnn, as always, rose to the challenge by providing several loaves of scrumptious zucchini bread for dessert today.  I suspect she passed on actually using the “way past its prime” zucchini in favor of smaller, tastier zucchini.  Thanks, MaryAnn, for all you do!
Garry Johnson displayed some samples of headwear and pins to identify us as Rotarians at community events.  Garry welcomes your comments on possibilities.  John Marg-Patton reluctantly agreed to model the baseball cap option, below.
Paul Fournier announced 19 years of wedded bliss with wife, Chrissy!
Mike Neeley attended his 50th High School Reunion recently but was disappointed to find that only old people attended the event.
Ed James introduced our speaker, Judy Watke, Development Advisor for the Coon Rapids location of Feed My Starving Children.  Judy began her presentation with some sobering facts about malnutrition.  She noted that 6,200 children die each day from malnutrition and its related diseases and that one in nine children worldwide are severely malnourished.  Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is working to eliminate malnutrition by providing scientifically designed food packets which can be distributed through well-vetted distribution partners around the world.  FMSC is 100% donor funded and receives no government aid.  Fully 92% of donations go directly to food packs.  The food is packaged by volunteers, aged 5 to 105, keeping the cost down to just 22 cents per meal.  Most packaging is done at permanent locations, but recently the Mobile Pack Program allows FMSC to come to the volunteers, allowing larger numbers of volunteers to participate.  To volunteer to pack food, or just get more information, click here.  Ed James and Judy Watke are shown below.
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sue Ager offered an invocation.

Last week Cindy Carlson (above) delivered groceries, provided by the New Brighton Mounds View Rotary Club, to Prior Crossing. Prior Crossing is an apartment owned by Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative in St Paul that provides quality affordable housing to formerly homeless youth.  The youth living at Prior Crossing often struggle with not having enough to eat.   To help these kids, our club provided $250 for groceries.  Some will be shared in the "community kitchen", where the youth often dine together or share extra / unwanted food and groceries.  Some will be maintained in the on-site manager's office, to distribute when the youth are in dire need of help.
George Winiecki reminded us that we all should be at the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed by 5PM this Thursday, Aug. 10th.  Many hands are needed to prepare and serve 1,000 hotdogs, chips and drinks to the parade participants.  George also needs someone to return nine large drink coolers to Irondale after the event.  If you can return the coolers, please contact George.
Cindy relayed Geoff Hollimon’s thank you for your support of the CPY Golf Ball Drop fundraiser which kicked off Stockyard Days this past Sunday.  The ball drop was the most successful one to date, netting $5,800 for CPY!
Cindy also passed on Geoff’s request that we all take a couple of shifts at the CPY Kiddie Korral to further support CPY’s important mission in our community.  Click here to sign up online.
John Marg-Patton invited all who are interested to attend the inaugural meeting of the NBMV Rotary Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, September 14th, 7AM, at the Exchange.  You also have the opportunity to share Rotary with your friends and coworkers by either inviting them to join you at a breakfast meeting or providing the club with the prospective member’s contact information on a sheet that will be available at upcoming lunch meetings.
George Winiecki attempted to raise some money for the club treasury by testing us with Winiecki Family Trivia.  Unfortunately for the Club’s coffers, the legend of George’s 13 siblings and even the names of his four sisters were well known to club members and the trivia challenge raised no money for the club.  Better luck next time, George.
Paul Fournier reported that, as a dutiful husband, he sat through four productions of “How to Succeed in Business…” this past weekend.  Paul’s wife Chrissy directed the show and it especially exciting since How to Succeed…” was Chrissy’s first Broadway acting/dancing gig.
Jim Kadechka was happy to have celebrated his father’s 85th birthday this week.
Jim Kadechka also celebrated his own birthday this month and he was joined fellow August birthday boys, Gerry Tietz and George Winiecki for our birthday song serenade, below.
Cor Wilson reported that the North Suburban Cable Commission (NSCC) and Comcast have renewed their franchise agreement for another 10 years.
Ed James reported that he attended a Bible camp in Nigeria which hosted 750 campers.  He agreed to provide photos and a summary of the experience at a future meeting.
John Marg-Patton introduced our speaker, Paula Schaeffer from the Minnesota Department of Health.   Paula’s topic was Sex Trafficking.  Paula began by introducing her intern, Lauren Johnson, a student at Minnesota State Mankato where she is about to graduate with a degree in Social Work. 
Over the past ten years in Minnesota, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation have received increased attention from a wide variety of public and private organizations.  In 2011, Minnesota passed the “Safe Harbor Law” essentially decriminalizing the activities of minors who are victims and survivors of sexual trafficking and exploitation.  This was a key step in protecting these unfortunate victims, but much more needs to be done.  In 2014, the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center published a report entitled “Mapping the Market for Sex with Trafficked Minor Girls in Minneapolis”.  The study analyzed Minneapolis Police Department data and reached the following conclusions.  It characterized sex trafficking as a business with “victims” as the commodity, “facilitators” as the suppliers and “buyers” as the customers.  The victims are generally vulnerable youth and, although this analysis focused on girls, both girls and boys are victims.  Victims tend to be young girls of color from poorer communities.  They are often vulnerable due to prior victimization, child abuse/neglect, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and family patterns of exploitation.  Facilitators were found to be mostly men of color from poorer communities, ranging from late teens to mid fifties.  Many of the facilitators have had life experiences that make them vulnerable to exploitation, just as their victims are vulnerable.  Buyers are from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and are generally 30-50 years of age.  Although the MPD data didn’t show it, other sources suggest that a much higher percentage of buyers are white suburban men who are less likely to be investigated and thus less likely to show up in MPD data.  Victims tend to be recruited in Downtown Minneapolis, North Minneapolis and the South Minneapolis Phillips neighborhood.  Most facilitators also live in these neighborhoods.  Buyers, on the other hand, live all across the Metro area and most “transactions” occur in suburban hotels, buyer’s homes or on easily accessed streets.  For more information about this study or about the sex trafficking problem, go to  Paula, John and Lauren are pictured below.
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden offered the invocation.
John Marg-Patton introduced our guests:  Marv Sorvala and Pat Whelan.
Pat Whelan announced two bicycle races that his company, PJW Automotive, is sponsoring in conjunction with local community celebrations.  These races are “Criteriums” with categories for all ages and ability levels.  The New Brighton Stockyard Days Sprints will be held on August 6th and the Mounds View Festival in the Park Sprints will be held on August 19th
Geoff Hollimon reminded us that he has CPY Golf Ball Drop tickets available.  Get your tickets from Geoff for a chance to win big.  Previous winners have taken home as much as $1,500.  The drop will happen at 3PM on Sunday, August 13th at Brightwood Hills Golf Course.
Geoff also reminded us of our commitment to help staff CPY’s Kiddie Korral on Aug 11-13. He encouraged all of us to volunteer for a couple of two hour shifts.  The Korral will be near the Pavilion in Long Lake Regional Park (1500 Old Hwy 8) and CPY has thoughtfully provided shuttle service for volunteers from Christ the King Lutheran Church to the Korral and back again.  Let’s all step up to support this important CPY fundraising opportunity.  Click here to sign up online or contact Geoff Hollimon.
Hot Dog King George Winiecki needs a big crew to provide hot dogs, chips and drinks for the Stockyard Days Parade participants.  Be at the usual location (just south of the Dairy Queen on Old Hwy 8) before the street is blocked off at 5PM.  
President Gerry Tietz reminded us that the Thursday AM Club Meeting will begin on September 14th, 7AM, at the Exchange.  All Rotarians (and their guests) are invited to attend.  A show of hands at today’s meeting indicated considerable interest in the morning meeting.
Garry Johnson said that his mom in Idaho is recovering well after suffering a broken bone.
Cor Wilson said her new left knee is feeling good and she’s looking forward to doing the right one soon.
Jason Miller offered a happy fine for the great time he had fishing with Jeff Benson, Dave Hoel and Dave’s cousin, Mark Huggenvik.  Jeff Benson offered a happy fine because the entire fishing lodge took up a collection for Dave to attend a week at the Silence Retreat Center. (Is it the Truth?)
John and Marla Ordway have graciously planned a Rotary Club Party at their beautiful home on August 26th (details to follow).
Sue Ager introduced our speaker, Wendy Davis, head coach of the UofM Women’s Rowing team.  Wendy was accompanied by her assistant coach, and chief recruiter, Chrissy Holmes.  Wendy said that while men’s owing is one of the oldest collegiate team sports, women’s collegiate rowing got its start in 1973.  Partly because of limited scholarship money, women’s rowing has traditionally been a walk-on sport, with talented athletes making the varsity team after proving their ability in their freshman year.  Wendy described rowing as the most physically demanding of all the team sports, requiring extreme conditioning, flawless technique and perfect team synchronization to compete at the elite level.  Rowers must give maximum effort for seven minutes.  My research revealed that those seven minutes are the equivalent to playing two basketball games, back to back!  Wendy said that rowers, because of their individual drive and ability to work as part of a team, make excellent employees.  Chrissy, Wendy and Sue Ager are pictured below.
Many thanks to Dana Rebelein for taking notes in Jeff's absence and to Paul Fournier for the photo.
Bob Barmore called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dana Rebelein offered the invocation.
Happy fines were paid for Crissy Fournier’s birthday, for good medical news for Peg Friberg and Renee Miller, and for MaryAnn Bawden and the giant cookies she brought to celebrate her birthday, and for the new member directory, also provided by MaryAnn.
President Gerry said the morning NBMV Rotary Club meetings will begin in September at The Exchange. He asked for more current members to commit to attending morning meetings to interact with new and potential members. Beverly asked us to let her know of potential members who might attend if the meeting is at 7 a.m. instead of noon. She and the steering committee offered to make the contacts.
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the upcoming opportunity to participate in the Community Partners with Youth fundraiser at Stockyard Days and asked us to sign up for shifts. This replaces the bingo enterprise we operated in the past. The employees of an unnamed business have agreed to take care of the setting-up shifts.
Parade feeder par excellence, George Winiecki, reported that plans are being implemented on schedule for the parade feed during Stockyard Days. This is a singular event unmatched by any other community parade, and we get many expressions of gratitude. If you are new to this signature event of the Club, stay tuned for further details. Otherwise … you know the drill!
Bob Barmore, Director of Administration, announced that John and Marla Ordway have again invited us to a Rotary social at their fabulous home. Yea! The event will take place rain or shine Saturday, August 26th. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided. If you prefer to grill something else, just bring it. Also, bring your beverage of choice and a dish to pass. Whooee!
Meg Robertson , Branch Manager of the New Brighton branch of the Ramsey County Library, was the guest speaker. The New Brighton branch is unique in that its collection is not subject to request and shipment to other branches. That means there are always recent acquisitions and best sellers available to be checked out by those who walk in.
The location of the library in the New Brighton Community Center makes it convenient for other users of the Center, including children who think it’s part of the Eagles’ Nest experience. Last year, members of the public logged in 11,000 times from library computers, including those in the NBCC hallway. There were also 10,000 wireless log-ins, and more than 54,000 visitors. 121,748 physical items were circulated, including 54,000 children’s materials.
FYI, the most popular books at this time are non-fiction: #1 Hillbilly Elegy and #2 Al Franklin, and fiction: #1 Camino Island by John Grisham and #2 Into the Water by Paula Hawkins.
Ramsey County Library activities Ms. Robertson mentioned include:  MELSA is working on a world language collection; RCL is reaching out to incarcerated persons and their families with “Parent Read,” where parents are helped to make a c.d. of  themselves reading children’s books which is then sent home to their families, and providing books requested for residential re-entry centers (especially drawing books); pop-up libraries consisting of a table with a canopy and a small collection of materials for check out and  available library cards set up at community events, farmers’ markets, etc. Special activities for children include bookmarks, backpacks with books, literacy toys and information. RCL distributes a newsletter about story times and computer classes. Geoff Hollimon encouraged Rotarians to become Friends of the Ramsey County Library to support the library and receive information about programming and events.  [Ed. Note: when you are at the library, check out the fireplace provided by our own Beverly Aplikowski!]  Meg is shown with Gerry, Jim and Dana below.
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Our guests today were Trong Cu and Citaly Escobar.  Trong and Citaly were recipients of our Irondale scholarships.  Trong is headed for the University of Minnesota to study biology or biochemistry in preparation for applying to dental school.  Citaly will attend Augsburg to study international relations and hopes someday to be an ambassador.  Trong and Citaly are shown below with Gerry Tietz and Ed James.
Geoff Hollimon encouraged all of us to sign up for a shift (or many shifts) at the CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, August 11th through 13th.  The Korral will be at 1500 Old Hwy 8.  We are looking for people who are over 16 years of age.  Please sign up online or get our contact information here.  You should be able to find a time (or times) that work for you.  We need a lot of volunteers to make this work, so your help will be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers will be helping run the Sales Tent and Gate Check as well as nine different inflatables ranging from moon walks to obstacle courses and one enormous slide!  Thank you for your help and support to make the Kids Korral a successful fundraiser for CPY.
Geoff also has tickets available for the CPY Stockyard Days Golf Ball Drop, which is also a great fundraiser for CPY.
Cindy Carlson will be purchasing $250 in groceries for Prior Crossing, an apartment complex providing housing for homeless youth, administered by Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.  She would like help with shopping and delivering the food to the apartment complex.  Please contact Cindy if you can help.
Cindy also announced that the Rotary 5960 Fast for Hope Nicaragua trip has been scheduled for November 14-20, 2017. The trip will include an immersive learning experience about poverty and frameworks for community economic development.  The trip will include site visits and sightseeing in colonial Grenada and the surrounding area.  The cost for the trip is $2,500 which covers everything except airfare and personal purchases.  If you are interested, contact David Newman ASAP at or 612-599-7270.
Dana Rebelein suggested we bring our old Rotarian magazines to Rotary for distribution to visitors and membership prospects.
Dana also announced that she will be facilitating our First Responder Recognition Initiative.  Several ideas were shared by members today, and Dana welcomes ideas and/or help with planning.

While she was up, Dana summarized the positive effects of our support for the Guatemala Literacy Project.
Garry Johnson suggested that we wear Rotary logo clothing of some sort at our events to promote Rotary awareness.  Garry will research and coordinate with Dave Hoel and Tom Pastor.
Mark Beisswenger announced that he has a new grandson, Carter James Beisswenger, 9.5 pounds at birth!!!
Gerry Tietz introduced Foundation Director Jason Miller, who reviewed his plans to promote Rotary Foundation giving in the coming year. Jason will focus on maintaining our existing efforts and increasing awareness of the Foundation within and outside the club.  He hopes to increase awareness with information from videos and the RI website and signage at Rotary and community events.  He will also focus on achieving EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) and 100% Paul Harris status for the club.
Gerry then introduced Service Projects Director Jason Slama.  Jason introduced our Directors for each of Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service:
·         Bob Barmore - Club Service
·         Mark Lampman – Vocational Service
·         Dana Rebelein – Community Service
·         Cindy Carlson/Geoff Hollimon – International Service
·         Ed James – Youth Service
Gerry Tietz took us online to review our recently revamped website home page and the email capabilities of the ClubRunner club management software.  He also reviewed the brand new Membership development Module of the software, which enables membership prospects to indicate their interest in Rotary via a simple online tool.  This same tool can also be used by current Rotarians to initiate our new email contact system designed to get people interested in Rotary membership. The membership module is accessed by clicking the “Membership Inquiry Form” button at the top right of the home page of our club website.  You’ll find the website at
Co-President John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Margaret Johnson provided an invocation.
Our Guests today were:
-Vicki Elliott – Thrivent Financial
-Tom Key – Rotarian from Minneapolis #9
-Past District 5960 Governor Tom Yuzer – currently a Menifee, California Rotarian
-Don Salverda – Roseville Rotarian
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of our commitment to help sponsor and participate in the CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, August 11th through 13th.  The Korral will be at 1500 Old Hwy 8.  We are looking for people who are over 16 years of age.  Please sign up here for a time (or times) that work for you.  If you (or others over age 16) are able to help us one or multiple times that would be great.  Volunteers will be helping run the Sales Tent and Gate Check as well as 9 different inflatables ranging from moon walks to obstacle courses and one enormous slide!  Thank you for your help and support to make the Kids Korral a success.
Dana Rebelein did a great job of honoring outgoing Co-Presidents John Risdall and Paul Fournier for their service to the club during their tenure.  Both John and Paul had already served as Club President (John in ‘79-’80 and Paul in ’87-’88) and their willingness to serve again is a testament to their commitment to the Club.  John and Paul thanked the Club and especially Gerry Tietz for the support shown them during the past year.  See below for photos of Dana presenting John and Paul with their Past President Plaques.
Mary Ann Bawden memorialized the occasion by arranging for some of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted.
Nils Friberg had the honor of presenting Dana Rebelein with her Paul Harris Fellowship +6.  This recognition level is indicated by a ruby stone on the pin, signifying contributions of over $7,000 to the Foundation!  Nils and Dana are pictured below.
Gerry Tietz officially took the reins of the club by accepting the Gavel and Bell from John Risdall and Paul Fournier (see photo below).
Gerry’s first action as President was to recognize his leadership team for the coming year.  John Marg-Patton will be the President-Elect until the takes the gavel for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.  John Ordway will serve as Treasurer, MaryAnn Bawden will be our Secretary, Bob Barmore will serve as Director of Club Administration, Bev Aplikowski will continue as Membership Development Director, Mary Stewart will serve as Communications/Public Image Director, our Foundation Director will be Jason Miller and Jason Slama will be Service Projects Director.  Gerry proposed the following New (Rotary) Year’s Resolutions, which he hopes to achieve with the help of his Leadership Team and the support of the entire club.
1.       More fun
2.       Maintain current service projects
3.       Develop one or more new projects
4.       Increase membership
5.       Love and care for each other
6.       Continue to be a vibrant club
My money’s on Gerry to lead the Club in accomplishing all these resolutions, and more!

Prior to today’s meeting Dave Hoel and John Risdall presented a check from the NBMV Rotary club to the New Brighton Area Historical Society.  Dave and John are shown below with Ron Cota and Wayne Searles, members of the NBAHS board of directors.

A reminder from our Treasurer, John Ordway, that paying your April - June dues this week will maximize the amount of matching dollars available to us in the coming Rotary year.

Today’s meeting was off-site at the New Brighton Public Safety Building.  The food was catered by The Exchange, providing a delicious pizza buffet lunch.

Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered the invocation.


Our Guests today were Marv Sorvala, Assistant City Manager Devin Massopust and Ramsey County Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire.


Jason Slama has received a note from Feed My Starving Children thanking us for our recent food packing outing.  FMSC will be able to feed 4 children for a year because of our volunteer efforts.


Our program for today was a tour of the New Brighton Public Safety Building.  Our tour guide was none other than the Director of Public Safety, Tony Paetznick.  Before the tour, Director Paetznick provided a few details about the building.  Built in 2002 at a cost of 10 million dollars, the 65,000 square foot facility was, and still is, state of the art. The building houses the police and fire departments and their administrative staffs.  It also includes four holdings cells, a firing range, meeting rooms and the Emergency Operations Center.  Our own Jim O’Brien was the architect for the project. 


New Brighton currently has 29 full time police officers and 45 paid on call firefighters, many of whom are cross-trained for both roles, creating a genuine family atmosphere in the Public Safety Department.  Director Paetznick guided us through nearly every nook and cranny of the building and his pride in the building and those who work there was clear for all to see.  Thanks to Geoff Hollimon for arranging the tour.  Photos of Director Paetznick and the Public Safety Building are shown below.



Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge and MaryAnn Bawden offered an invocation.
Geoff’s daughter had given him a Christmas gift of tickets to the recent air show in Duluth and Geoff played a video of the Blue Angels during the mealtime.  As a retired Naval Aviation Commander, Geoff is justifiably proud of these supremely talented pilots.
Our guests today were:
- District 5960 Foundation Chair and Past District Governor, Gary Campbell
- Tami Moberg, Executive Director of Quincy Tree House.
- Marv Sorvala, Roseville Rotarian
- Erling Eibs, representing Christ the King Lutheran Church.
Geoff reminded us that we have off-site meetings on June 13th and 20th.  On the 13th, we will tour the New Brighton Public Safety Building and on the 20th, we will have a wine tasting at Total Wine in Roseville.  Both meetings will be catered by The Exchange.  Call Geoff if you were not able to sign up during the meeting today.
Gerry Tietz reported on our plan to have a satellite club which would likely meet a couple of times a month in the morning.  The morning meeting will hopefully open up the Rotary experience for those who can’t attend a noon meeting.  We are looking for a champion to lead the development of this exciting new opportunity to extend Rotary.  If you would like to investigate further, contact Gerry Tietz or John Marg-Patton.
You may recall that Quincy Treehouse’s Co- founder and Executive Director, Tami Moberg, has spoken to our club about Quincy’s mission to help homeless youth in the Mounds View School District.  Coincidentally, one of our new initiatives at NBMV Rotary, led by Garry Johnson, is to help with homeless youth.  Quincy Tree House was very much in need of transportation for its youth, so Garry, Geoff and Cindy envisioned, planned and executed a $1,000 District Matching Grant request that, when added to our clubs $1,000 contribution, would enable us to purchase a used van from Christ the King Lutheran Church and transfer ownership of the van to Quincy Treehouse.  The club also was able to present Tami with a check for $500. Tami was clearly touched by our generosity.  Tami shared a new video and an inspirational reading (adapted from Young Life) titled “What Being At Quincy Tree House Ought To Do For You”.  Tami said that 13 of her homeless youth will be traveling to Branson next week in their new van.
District 5960 Foundation Chair, PDG Gary Campbell presents the district’s $1,000 matching grant check to Geoff Hollimon.

Garry Johnson presents a check to Erling Eibs, representing Christ the King Lutheran Church.
Tami Moberg receives the keys to the van from Erling Eibs.
Garry Johnson presents $500 check to Tami.
Our program for today was Bob Barmore.  Bob combined a revised version of the classification talk he presented around the turn of the century and a brief slide show of photos from his trip to New Zealand 
Bob was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  His parents were married for 69 years until his mom passed away at age 93.  His dad is now in memory care at the age of 95.  Bob’s first real job was “bean walking” (weeding bean fields) but he soon got a job working on trucks, which provided him with the know-how to keep his ‘66 GTO running.  While working on his business degree at Northwestern College, he interned with John Copas at Abbey Carpet, who hired him right out of school.  Bob stayed with Abbey Carpet for 17 years.  He had admired his future wife, Julie from afar for some time before he finally met her at church.  They have now been married for 30 years and have raised three children.  Elizabeth is married to Nick and works a labor and delivery nurse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Lauren is married to Josh, lives in White Bear Lake and works as an administrative assistant at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Their son, Austin, has a dual major in applied mathematics and engineering and is in medical sales.
Bob and Julie’s trip to New Zealand began with a long 13 hour flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, followed by another 2 hour flight to the South Island.  They spent two weeks exploring Te Anau and Fjordland National Park, some of the most scenic landscape on earth.  Bob told me that he got a new camera just for the trip and the purchase was well worth it…his photos were beautiful.  Bob noted that the absence of predators on the island has resulted in large populations of rabbits, deer and surprisingly furry opossums.  I’ve just added New Zealand to my travel bucket list; I just have to figure out how to survive the long flight.
Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Amy Janecek introduced Amy Umanzor and Andrew Gutierrez, Irondale students who represented NBMV Rotary at Camp RYLA recently.
MaryAnn Bawden introduced her guest and sister, Sandy.
Dana Rebelein led a brief discussion about sponsoring (and staffing) the Stockyard Days Bingo Tent again this year.  It was decided that we would look for other ways to support Stockyard Days in addition to our continuing support for the Parade Hot dog Feed.  Geoff Hollimon was quick to offer an alternative.  He noted that CPY will be running the Carnival at Stockyard Days and that they could really use our help.
While he was up, Geoff reminded us that we will have two offsite meetings in June.  On June 13th, we will take a tour of the New Brighton Public Safety Building and on June 20th we will have a wine tasting at Total Wine in Roseville.  Look for a signup sheet next week.
Ed James reported on our Feed My Starving Children volunteer outing last week.  Ed conscripted most of his family and Dave Hoel invited several friends to add to the core group of 6 Rotarians.  What a fun and rewarding way to work with friends to provide nutritious food for starving children.  Thanks to all who participated.  The NBMV Rotary delegation is shown above.
Happy fines were plentiful today…here are some highlights:
- The Hollimon’s are back after a great vacation in North Carolina.
- Dave Hoel offered a dollar in appreciation for a great time at Feed My Starving Children.
- Sue Ager thanked us for the donation of the Chess and Checker Board to the Innsbruck Healing Gardens.  Sue was also thankful to be able to travel away from home for two days with husband, Duane.  Duane has been unable to travel since becoming ill with a severe case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome 18 months ago.
- Beverly Aplikowski thanked MaryAnn Bawden for the visit and the delicious cake.
- Gerry Tietz was able to improvise an 11 person Memorial Day Picnic in his bedroom where his home-bound wife, Marlys, could join in the fun.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Marlys and Gerry as she recovers from a spinal compression fracture.
- Dana was thankful for The Exchange as a place to eat with friends and family when her range was not working.
- Amy Janecek was thankful for a North Shore visit with family, and for only one more week ‘til Irondale graduation.
- Cindy Carlson was positively beaming as she offered a dollar to celebrate her impending grand motherhood.
- George Winiecki offered a dollar to clarify that his “WIN” vanity license plates identify his business, WIN insurance agency, and are NOT “Whiskey’ plates (as if that needs clarification).
- John Risdall reported that he gives mirrors as gifts to babies and young children, noting the developmental advantages for kids.  I found this info online.
Our speakers for today were two Irondale students who received scholarships from our club to attend Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) in Hudson, WI.  Amy Umanzor and Andrew Gutierrez each spoke in glowing terms of team building and ethics exercises and of the strong friendships that developed over the 3 day experience.  Amy plans to study international relations and Andrew plans to study engineering at NDSU. Irondale Principal Amy Janecek is shown with Amy and Andrew below.

Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Cindy Carlson offered the invocation.

Our lone guest today was Janet Ampe, a Rotarian from the Rogers club. Janet was here to promote the Rogers Rotary Veteran’s Memorial Golf Tournament, Tuesday June 13th at Fox Hollow Golf Club.  Call Janet (612-760-6424) if you need more information.


Dana Rebelein announced the Disabled American Veterans Anoka County Chapter Golf Tournament.  It will be held at the Refuge Golf Club on July 12th, starting at 12:30PM. Call the DAV Chapter Office at 763-245-2585 to register or get more information.


Bob Barmore distributed the monthly program and meeting assignments for the 2017-18 Rotary year.  Click here to download the assignment list.  If you are unable to fulfill your responsibility, feel free to swap with a Rotarian in another group.  Just be sure to let Bob know that you’ve made the switch.


Jason Slama updated us on the Feed My Starving Children food packing event on Wednesday night from 8-9:30PM.  Those who have already signed up should be at 401 93rd Avenue NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433 (763-951-7308) by 7:45PM Sharp!  NBMV Rotary is donating $50 for each Rotarian volunteer to cover the cost of the meals we pack.  Those who are unable to attend are encouraged to contribute whatever they can to help cover the cost of the packed meals.


Cindy Carlson said that the District has approved a matching grant to cover the cost of a used van for Quincy Tree House.  Many thanks to Dana Rebelein, Cindy Carlson, Garry Johnson and Geoff Hollimon, whose hard work made it possible.


The Board has approved the donation of a checkers/chess table and chairs to the Healing Gardens at Innsbruck Care Center.  The donation will fill a need at the Healing Gardens and a plaque will identify our club as the donor.  Sue Ager thanked the club for the generous donation.


George Winiecki (a.k.a. Hot Dog King) has agreed to head up the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed again this year but he’s looking for a co-chair.  Let’s hope someone will acknowledge George’s many years of dedication to this effort by agreeing to be his right hand man for this year’s event.


Gerry Tietz’ inauguration as 2017-18 Club President is scheduled for July 11th.  Let’s honor his commitment by having a great turnout for the event, which will also honor John Risdall and Paul Fournier for their contributions as Co-Presidents for the past year.


For next week’s (May 30) meeting, members are encouraged to come prepared with ideas for club projects and membership growth in the coming Rotary Year.


Janet Ampe thanked those who sponsored her for the Parkinson’s Walk earlier this year.


Dana Rebelein couldn’t conceal her excitement about her experience at the shooting range session that she won in the live auction at the Gold Plate Dinner.  She proudly displayed the target from her first close range session…all the holes were in the bull’s-eye!


Cor Wilson announced a new iPhone app (Android version is in the works) which will allow the user to watch live and archived programs.  Download the free app at the Apple Store (search for CTV North Suburbs).  Cor also noted that CTV North Suburbs will provide live coverage of area high school commencement ceremonies on Channels 15 (Comcast), 8015 (CenturyLink) and webcast.  Cor further noted that CTV will also provide live coverage of all 50 Saints baseball games this season.  Go to for more info.


John Risdall celebrated his 72nd birthday today and the Birthday Hat was brought out of retirement just for the occasion.  Nobody rocks the Birthday Hat like John does!  See photo above.


Cindy’s mom’s breast cancer biopsy revealed only pre-cancerous clusters and no lymph node involvement.


Jason Miller introduced our speaker, Paul Vliem, Development Manager at Tasks Unlimited, which provides housing and mental health services for people in recovery from severe and persistent mental illness.  Tasks Unlimited was organized in 1970 and currently serves over 300 individuals with mental illness.  Paul revealed that 1 in 5 adults will experience some degree of mental illness in their lifetime but 1 in 20 adults live with severe persistent mental illness (SMPI).  This means that 93,000 adults in the Twin Cities are dealing with SPMI.  This persistent mental illness is the focus of Tasks Unlimited.  There are three major categories of SMPI. Schizophrenia affects 1% of U.S. adults, Bipolar Disorder affects 2.5% and Major Depression affects nearly 7% of the adult population.  The effects of SPMI on those who have it are startling.  Fully 55% of adults with SPMI are unemployed, compared with 5% overall unemployment.  Among the homeless population, 60% of adults suffer from SPMI.  Even more startling is the fact that the life expectancy of individuals with SPMI is 25 years less than in the general population


Paul said that mental health treatment is transitioning from the previous medical treatment model toward a psychiatric rehabilitation model, and many Twin Cities organizations are participating in that transition.  Tasks Unlimited is doing their part by providing employment support through their commercial cleaning service business, stable housing services support with 21 group residences in the metro area, and mental health support with 40 mental health professionals.  Paul said that chemical health services are necessary for 44% of their residents and 96% of their residents have criminal records (mostly minor offences).  Paul proudly outlined the positive impacts that Tasks Unlimited is having on their residents.  Resident’s wages have increased seven-fold, 88% of resident report more stable housing and psychiatric hospitalizations have decreased by an astounding 92%, saving an estimated $1.3 million in hospital costs.


For more information check out:

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness at, and

    Tasks Unlimited at

    Contact Paul at

John Risdall and Paul are pictured below.

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