Today's Meeting was off-site at Bilfinger Water Technologies (formerly Johnson Screens).  Paul Fournier introduced our host and speaker, Al Smith, whose background is in agricultural engineering.  Al played a video explaining the "Hydrologic System" and the role of well-water screens in filtering sediment and prolonging the usable life of water wells.  The video, although dated, explained that 15 million homes in the U.S. get their drinking water from individual wells, averaging 200 feet deep.  Filtering screens, like those manufactured by Johnson, are needed for many of these wells to keep sediment from clogging the well.   Minnesota is a great place for individual wells, with plentiful aquifers that can easily supply 10-15 gallons per minute.  Many other regions, however are happy with 2 or 3 gallons per minute.  For those who are tech-minded, the screens are made from a variety of materials but their premier screen is made from a continuous triangular stainless steel wire, formed into a cylinder and electric resistance welded.  On a tour of the huge production facility after the meeting, we were able to see screens being made in all sizes from 2 inches to 10 feet in diameter.  Al is pictured below, courtesy of Dana Rebelein.
President Dana opened the business meeting wiith the Pledge and George Winiecki offered the invocation.
Marv Sorvala (Roseville) was our sole visitor.
Dana thanked all those who helped with various Stockyard Days activities.  George Winiecki, Mark Beisswenger and Val Johnson each offered a more specific thank you to Rotarians who helped with the Hot Dog Feed, Rubber Duckie Race and Bingo Tent, respectively.
Cindy announced a bike ride fundraiser to support Peacemaker Foundation's anti-bullying efforts on Saturday September 12th.  Information can be found here.  Get a registration form here.  Get a donation form here.
Don't forget that the Board meets next Tuesday (a week earlier than usual) at 11:00AM, in the room adjacent to our regular meeting room.