Our Guest today was Marv Sorvala, from the Roseville Club.
Gerry Tietz presented Eric Nelson with a Paul Harris Fellow Award, made possible by the generous donation of Paul Harris recognition points by club members.  Gerry also had the pleasure of presenting Dana Rebelein with a Paul Harris+5, recognizing Dana's $6,000+ in total contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Gerry is pictured with Eric and Dana, below.
We welcomed John Marg-Patton back from Florida with the usual good-natured abuse.
Eric Nelson's was unsuccessful in arguing that he didn't have to wear the birthday hat because he was born on February 29th, and there is no 29th this month.  Nice try, Eric!  See Eric in his hat below.
Cindy introduced Jan Anderson of Hope 4 Youth, a drop-in center for homeless youth in Anoka County.  Hope 4 Youth was started in 2012 by a group of citizens who were concerned about hundreds of youth in Anoka County who were experiencing homelessness.   Their dream was to provide a safe place where homeless youth could first receive the help they need to survive, and later, the help they need to fit back into society, thrive and grow.  Due to zoning restrictions, they are not allowed to provide shelter overnight in their current location.  A new location has been identified that would permit overnight shelter and they are hoping to be able to relocate soon.  Until that time, Hope 4 Youth provides drop-in services in the afternoon only.  You can help by donating food, clothing, bus passes, gift cards and other items that would be helpful for homeless youth.  You can also donate your time in many ways including mentoring, cooking, office help and technical assistance.  You can find more information at Hope4YouthMN.org Jan is pictured with Cindy below.