Jeff Benson opened the meeting and offered the invocation.
President-elect Dana Rebelein (filling in for President Margaret) reminded all old and new board members that next Tuesday, June 23rd, we will have a joint meeting of this year's and next year's boards.  The meeting will be held in the room adjacent to our regular club meeting room at 11AM. 
Jeff Benson announced that we are considering various ways for service-minded people, with time or financial constraints, to become involved in Rotary without becoming "members" of the club.  He welcomed your feedback on this or other ways to increase participation in, and awareness of, New Brighton Mounds View Rotary.
Sue Ager brought up the idea of having our weekly meetings in the morning rather than at noon.  If you have opinions about our meeting time, please make your feelings known to the Board.
Val summarized her experience at the RI Annual Convention, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil earlier this month.  Val wasn't impressed with this convention, compared with her previous convention, but she reported that the Water Summit was excellent.  She's already looking forward to Seoul next year.
Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Karen Thompson, of Junior Achievement Upper Midwest.  Karen presented a picture of Junior Achievement that was quite different than the picture many of us had in our heads about Junior Achievement.  JA has adapted to the changing needs of students in a number of ways. JA now serves students from K-12 with a number of interactive, hands on experiences that develop Financial Literacy, College and Career Readiness and Entrepreneurship Skills in students.  JA has developed these educational experiences so that they can be comfortably delivered by volunteer business people in the school classroom, with the support of the classroom teacher for behavior control, if needed.  Activities are available for all grade levels and volunteers are provided with step-by-step instructions, training videos and access to JA staff for questions.  This program would be a natural fit for Rotarians who embrace the vocational service focus of Rotary.  Junior Achievement is solely funded by donations from individuals and businesses.  To volunteer, or just get more information, contact Karen at 651-255-0050 or  You can also find out more about Junior Achievement by going to:   Dana and Karyn are pictured below.