Todd Kruse opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered an invocation.
President Dana announced that George was able to have two stents placed in his blocked coronary artery, and open heart surgery was avoided.  George is understandably thrilled and feeling very well!
We have been offered a unique fundraising opportunity which would raise $2,000 for the club with very little effort on our part.  Chef George Serra is willing to donate his time and materials to prepare gourmet appetizers for a group of 40-50.  Attendees would contribute $40-50, with all the proceeds going to a charitable cause of our choosing.  All we need is a location for the event.  Let Linda LaFond (763-571-6937) or Mary Stewart (651-442-6891) know if you could host the event.  We can't afford to pass on this opportunity.
Saturday, November 7th, is the District 5960 Foundation Event.  As in past years, we'd like New Brighton to have a big contingent at the event.  The club will cover the cost for Rotarians, so contact Gerry Tietz (651-636-1899) for information or to register.
Everyone should be here next week as we welcome Marlene Gargulak, our District Governor, to the club for her annual visit.
Cindy Carlson is looking for a polio survivor in our area who might be willing to be interviewed about their polio experience as part of our PolioPlus fundraising push this fall.  If you know of anyone, please let Cindy know (651-772-1080).
Geoff Hollimon's birthday provided us yet another opportunity to demonstrate our melodic magnificence on the birthday song.  Happy Birthday, Geoff!  See photo below.
Dave Hoel (651-636-3589) and Mike Neeley (651633-7330) are looking for some help for the Spina Bifida picnic this Sunday the 27th.  Give them a call if you can help out for a few hours, starting at 11AM.
Sue Ager reported that Duane is making progress with his recovery from Guillain-Barre syndrome.
John Ordway introduced Jim Markoe, spokesperson for the White Bear Lake Restoration Association (WBLRA), who presented an update on the seriously low water level in White Bear Lake.  Since 2003, the average water level of the lake has been steadily decreasing.  This decrease has been attributed to depletion of the aquifer beneath the lake by high volume (i.e. municipal) water wells surrounding the lake.  White Bear Lake is unique in that it has a direct connection with the underlying aquifer, so that it is draining into the depleted aquifer faster than rainwater runoff can replenish it.  Six billion gallons is drawn out of the aquifer each year by the high volume wells and almost all of it goes into the Mississippi River via storm and sanitary sewer systems.  Jim reported that the surface area of the lake has decreased by 25% and the lake level has gone down 5 feet in the last 15 years, creating untold problems for homeowners as well as promoting zebra mussel and milfoil growth in the lake.  In 2012, a lawsuit was filed which eventually led to an unprecedented seven rounds of court ordered mediation.  In 2014, a 36 month stay of litigation was imposed, which has the following provisions:
     1. Multifaceted water conservation efforts
     2. Development of a plan for surface water utilization
     3. DNR to set a protective minimum lake level
     4. The right is reserved to pursue lake augmentation (get water from a reservoir or the Mississippi river)
Let's hope that these efforts can restore this great lake to it's former glory.
The White Bear Lake Restoration Association website is  Jim and Dana are shown below.