We usually have a number of guests for our Irondale Choir Christmas Concert and today was no exception.  Our guests today were MaryAnn Bawden, Debra Hollimon, Debbie Connolly, Ruth Marg-Patton. Cheryl Neeley, Gerry Tietz, Cor Wilson, John and Tina Risdall, Cole Hallmark, Smiley Rebelein and prospective member Elizabeth Tanner.
Mike Neeley was honored for 50 years of Rotary perfect attendance.  If you do the math, that's 2600 weekly Rotary meetings attended or made up without missing even one!  It takes extreme discipline to accomplish this feat, but Mike will tell you that his life has been made richer by making up meetings in places far and wide.  Congratulations, Mike, for this extraordinary achievement.
In honor of his attendance milestone, Mike Neeley established the NBMV Rotarian of the Year Award.  The 2020-21 Rotarian of the Year, as selected by a poll of the club's members, is Past President Edeth James.  Edeth guided the club with positivity and enthusiasm through the difficulties of the pandemic.  A true Rotarian at heart, Edeth's dedication to Rotary's guiding principles set an example for us all.  The award recipient has the honor of naming a youth oriented 501(c)(3) charity to receive a $500 donation.  Edeth selected the Good Samaritan Society of America's Youth camp in Edeth's home country of Nigeria.  The camp serves 500 kids for a week.  Receiving the donation for the G.S.S.A. Youth Camp was Karen Reeves.  Karen has made such an impact as a missionary that she has actually been named a "Chief" in the Nigerian village that she serves.  Thanks to Mike Neeley for creating this award.
The Irondale Choir Divas and Guyz Group were present to perform a few songs and lead us in our annual Christmas Carol Sing-Along.  The choir numbers were terrific, and everyone enjoyed the carol sing-along to end the performance.  This meeting is the highlight of the year for many Rotarians and our thanks go to Director Jason Etten, Accompanist Steve Ferkus and the Choir.    For those interested in more music this holiday season, the annual Seniors to Seniors Concert by Irondale Choir, Band and Orchestra senior students will be this Thursday, December 16th, 12:30PM at Irondale.  Don't miss it!
Thanks also to David Hoel for arranging the concert each year.  David is seen below presenting our $500 contribution to Dr. Etten on behalf of the Club.
Director Etten recognized our club, and Geoff Hollimon specifically, for the role we played in supporting the COVID relief efforts of the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition.
Next week's presentation (December 21st) will be about the Minnesota Fire Explorers
REMEMBER: There is no Rotary meeting on December 28th.