Our presenter today was Ce Ce Terloux, Founder and Executive Director of Terebinth Refuge.  Her topic was Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.  Terebinth Refuge is a Christ-centered shelter and safe transitional home that brings hope, healing services and freedom to sexually exploited and trafficked women.
Sexual exploiters and traffickers have developed very effective strategies to recruit vulnerable individuals and make it extremely difficult to escape the exploitation: 
- The first phase in the recruitment process is to identify a vulnerable individual and offer them attention, gifts and friendship.  Food, shelter, drugs and “protection” strengthens their relationship with the exploiter and isolates them from family and friends.
- The second phase is referred to as initiation or breaking, where the new recruit has their first “customer”.  This can be everything from gentle sex to gang rape.
- Phase three is referred to as maintenance and it involves using every possible method of isolating the individual from support systems that would help them to escape their exploiters.  Barriers to escape are: homelessness, unemployment, history of abuse, mental health issues, addiction, criminal history and lack of education.
Terebinth Refuge opened in 2018 with just two beds but it has experienced rapid growth, taking in 43 exploited women in 2020. An exploited woman’s first experience at Terebinth is usually the Shelter Program.  This program focuses on physical and mental health, rest and trust.  Once these short-term needs have been addressed, The Transitional Program is for women who are committed to Terebinth’s plan and wanting to pursue full case management.  The Transitional Program takes a holistic approach, focusing on physical wellness, mind health, soul health and spirit health. 
Ce Ce can be contacted at cece@terebinthrrefuge.org
Many of you will remember the presentation by Elk River Rotarian, Casey Mahon about the Magnus Veterans Foundation.  One of the needs of the 501(c)(3) foundation is a cold weather shell for the golf cart they use to transport veterans around the treatment facility.  The cost of this improvement is $300 and, rather than use club funds for this purpose, it’s thought that we could easily fund this from personal contributions by club members who are so inclined.  More to follow….
Next week’s meeting will be a Club Roundtable
The annual Irondale Choir Christmas Carol sing-a-long will be on December 14th at Risdall advertising.