We were all delighted to finally return home to the Exchange for our meetings. 
Our guest today was Honorary Rotarian MaryAnn Bawden.  MaryAnn came bearing gifts of three delicious dessert breads, most of which were quickly devoured, and Mary Stewart brought the remainder to CPY.
Our newest member, Finara Fang, was scheduled to give her new member talk today but she had to return to Cameroon for a family emergency.  Her presentation will be rescheduled soon.
After the cancellation of the 2020 Gold Plate Dinner due to COVID, we rallied in 2021 by holding a No-Plate Dinner which, because of some generous unanticipated gifts, netted almost as much as the in- person dinners had.  Cindy Carlson moderated a discussion about the fate of the 2022 Gold Plate Dinner which is normally scheduled for April.  Some of the discussion points were:
   - In-Person vs. Virtual
   - Social distancing
   - Possible COVID variant surges
   - Require vaccination
   - Difficult tickets sales with diminished membership
   - Increase per member ticket sales quota
Cindy C. will formulate questions for a survey.
Nyle Z. will create a Survey Monkey using Cindy’s questions.
Jeff B. will forward the survey to the membership.
Rotarian of the Year 2021 ballots have been mailed with a return envelope to members who didn't receive them at the last two noon meetings.  Please indicate the Rotarian you feel deserves this recognition and return your ballot as soon as possible.
November 2nd’s presenter will be Senator Jason Isaacson.  Note that Senator Isaacson will need to start at 12 sharp to make it to his next engagement.  Let’s all be there at a respectful 11:55AM!