Rotarians gathered in Sunny Square Park for our August 25 meeting with a two fold mission: 
1.  Eat sandwiches while enjoying the beautiful weather as we lounged on picnic tables  - much better than being stuck in an office!
2.  Walk the park collecting any trash we discovered.  As you can see from the enclosed photos there was plenty of clean up work for our club but now the park looks even better.  
Twenty club members signed in at this gathering (after a few stopped at DD's Diner first!!) so many hands made for light work on this project.   Perhaps the highlight of this project was the search conducted in search of the park building key enclosed in a small envelope that was checked out for this event. 
After club members searched in vain for the missing key which speculation led us to believe it was accidentally placed in our garbage bags we later discovered that the missing key was found on the floor of President-elect Paul's car!!     
Our meeting/service project adjourned at 1:30 pm while the sun was shining and birds were singing.