George Winiecki opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and offered an invocation, which included a prayer for good weather on Thursday for the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed.
President Dana Rebelein reviewed the meetings for the month and you'll find them listed to the left.  Note that the August 11th and 28th meetings are off-site.
Val Johnson didn't have the Stockyard Days Bingo Caller sign-up sheet today but she will email all the members Tuesday evening.  Please sign up for a shift or two and you'll be helping raise funds for Stockyard days and our Club.  Those of you who have done it know that it's easy and a lot of fun.  Those of you that haven't should give it a try.
Remember that Thursday, Aug 6th is the Hot Dog Feed for the Parade participants, so be there (just South of the Dairy Queen on Old 8) before 5PM.  We're serving 1,100 hot dogs, so we need you (and your spouses if they are willing) to help.
Nils Friberg presented Todd Peck with a Paul Harris Fellow+1 award, signifying contributions to the Foundation of over $2,000.  Way to go, Todd!
There were four birthdays to celebrate today.  Jim Kadechka, Todd Peck, Gerry Tietz and Val Johnson were all fighting over who would have the honor of wearing the hats (we only have two) but order was restored by singing twice.  The two birthday duos are shown below.
Mike Neeley announced that Fridley/Columbia Heights Rotary is having a Pig Roast Fundraiser on Wednesday, August 26th, from 5PM to 8PM at Locke Park, 6911 University Ave. in Fridley.  A Dixieland Band will provide the entertainment. Tickets are $25 per person and are available from Mike Neeley (651) 636-6966.
Mark Beisswenger has Stockyard Days Rubber Duckie Race tickets.  (651) 636-8159
Val Johnson introduced our speaker, Frank Bond.  Frank shared his story of homelessness.  Frank son's were selling drugs and his home was seized as a result.  He stayed at a shelter for a while but was upset by the attitudes of staff and other homeless people at the shelter, so he left the relative comfort of the shelter and became truly homeless, staying in abandoned buildings, under bridges or whatever places he could find.  In winter, he and other homeless people would walk the skyway or ride a bus to stay warm.  Val met Frank near her workplace and they became friends.  Val's encouragement "lifted his spirits" and he credits her with giving him the confidence to get a job.  He has an apartment now but over half his income goes to rent.  He admits that he is still struggling to make ends meet, but is proud to be working hard to achieve a better life.  Frank and Val are shown below.